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Doctor Who was Always Moffat’s Riff on The Time Traveler’s Wife
It was during the new show's third season in 2007 that Moffat planted the seeds for his seasons-long riff on The Time Traveler's Wife with the introduction of River Song (Alex Kingston) in "Silence in the Library" The Doctor meets his wife for the first time, but she is meeting him for the last time[...]
River Song tries to explain to the Doctor on Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.
During a dual interview between the two screenwriters for the series' monthly magazine, it was revealed that 2008 episodes "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead" actually introduced a future version of the Doctor (played during this time by David Tennant) disguised as Colin Salmon's satellite-with-feeling Doctor Moon. Colin Salmon in Doctor Who, courtesy[...]