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People Wake Up To… The British General Election — Jessica Hynes (@JefficaHoons) May 7, 2015 Last chance to sing a Song For #UKIP before you vote Pls RT #election2015 #labour #tory #SNP — ScottishFalsettoSock (@falsettosocks) May 7, 2015 Voting day ! — Seanazz (@seanazz) May 7, 2015 With all this talk of the election, I've been thinking about the Dalek Parliament[...]
Has Mark Millar Changed His Mind On Scottish Independence?
He was thanked by First Minister Alex Salmond's acceptance speech after the SNP won the General Election However, he has maintained disquiet about the possibility of moving from the pound to the Euro and has expressed admiration for Nigel Farage, the leader of unionist nationalist party UKIP, opposed to the Euro – and to Scottish[...]
Mark Millar, MBE, Political Animal At Large
Describing himself as a lifelong socialist, at the last General Election not only did he switch allegiance from the Labour Party to the separatist Scottish National Party, he did so publicly, appearing in political advertising and, when the SNP were victorious in forming a national Scottish government, was thanked in his acknowledgement speech by First[...]