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God's Judgement On Alan Scott Being Gay in Green Lantern (Spoilers)
Spoilers ahead, of course. But it just so happens that we have the Spectre on hand Who is, in the DC Universe, the closest you can get to the word of God Debuting in More Fun Comics #52 in 1940, when a murdered cop Jim Corrigan, is refused entrance into the afterlife, then sent back to[...]
What Will Become Of The Spectre After Dark Crisis In The Dawn Of DC?
The Spectre was created by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily in 1940 for More Fun Comics, as a murdered policeman, who is returned to the land of the living with a supernatural alter ago, who is basically the vengeance of God in a big green form A member of the Justice Society Of America, The[...]
More Fun Comics #51 first published Spectre (DC, 1940)
 The early issues of the title are full of work by legendary comic book creators like Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Bernard Baily, Bob Kane, Creig Flessel, and others.  The debut of the Spectre in More Fun Comics #52 is an iconic moment in American comic book history, but it's not technically the character's first appearance. [...]
Ralph Fiennes Fought Against Turning M Into A Villain in Spectre
The Daniel Craig era of James Bond movies have been hits or misses, and, unfortunately for all involved, Spectre was very much one of the misses The story was very much leaning into the cinematic universe type of storytelling as they linked all of the previous movies together to tell one complete story One of the[...]
Modiphius Entertainment Unveils SPECTRE: The Board Game
For fans of the James Bond 007 media franchise, Modiphius Entertainment, a tabletop game design company that deals with various licensed intellectual properties such as Conan, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls, has unveiled a new game called SPECTRE: The Board Game In this game, you play as one of a number of Bond villains in your bid to become[...]
Why Does James Bond Join Blofeld In James Bond: Agent Of Spectre?
Ernst Stavro Blofeld from the James Bond series of novels and films is a criminal mastermind with aspirations of world domination, and head of the global criminal organisation SPECTRE Antagonist of Bond, he was originally written by Fleming as a physically massive and powerfully built man, standing around 6' 3" and weighing 20 stone, who[...]
Funko Ends ECCC Reveals With Three New DC Comics Pops
The next two Emerald City exclusive Pops will take DC Comics fans deep into comics history as Deadman and Spectre make their debut These classic DC Comics heroes are getting their first Pops from Funko and are packed with detail that will have fanboys and fangirls cheering These figures will be released as solo Pops[...]
Dynamite April 2021
Remember when Captain America said "Hail Hydra" and the world went mad? Launching from Dynamite in March, that's what James Bond will be doing in the comic book series James Bond: Agent Of Spectre by Daredevil TV writer Christos Gage, drawn by longstanding James Bond artist Luca Casalanguida and covers (just the one) by Sean[...]
Help Craig Hamilton Of Aquaman, Fables, Spectre Pay His Medical Bills
Comic book and fantasy writer Nancy A Collins has made an appeal on behalf of her creative partner and close friend Craig Hamilton of Aquaman, Fables and Spectre. Credit: Craig Hamilton, DC She wrote last month; While walking home late Friday night (12/11) after watching a friend perform at an open-air event,  Craig misjudged the height of a[...]
Black Ops 4 Teases a Returning Character That Fans Figure Out Immediately
The company showed off this video on their Twitter feed this week showing a sword-carrying assassin make their way through a group and plant a number of explosives. The clock is ticking… pic.twitter.com/UL1UwpoZeF — Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) April 25, 2019 It didn't take fans long to figure out that the company was bringing back Spectre, a fan-favorite[...]
Factory Entertainment James Bond Ring 1
The first such item will be a Spectre ring from the film Thunderball If you order a ring before October 31st, buyers can choose the ring size, from men's sizes 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 If ordered after, you will automatically receive a size 11 The price is $249.99 and an order can be[...]
Michael Fleisher comics
It's now reaching the comic book community that Michael Fleisher, longtime DC Comics writer who scripted acclaimed on characters such as Jonah Hex and the Spectre, passed away February 2nd of this year at the age of 75 This was first broken on Mark Evanier's blog but has spread to Newsarama and CBR since then. Fleisher first entered the[...]
Local officials say that there are no witnesses due to the area being scarcely populated. Portal had previously scouted for films like Fast & the Furious, Spectre, Sicario, Resident Evil: Extinction and Apocalypto. Season 3 of Narcos focused on the Cali Cartel from Colombia and filmed quite a bit in that country The fourth season is said[...]
A Lighter Inspired By The James Bond Gun Barrel Image
This new The James Bond Spectre Limited Edition lighter by S.T Dupont draws its inspiration from the iconic gun barrel image Here we see the design process as it goes from rough sketch to completion The lighter is available in black and palladium Now it says that it's for Spectre, but this seems to be[...]
Everything Wrong With Spectre
Cinema Sins has turned their attention to the most recent James Bond film Spectre… and I have to say after watching their commentary, the narrator almost seems angry on this one Like he takes the sins personally I'll admit that some of the grounded realism that came with Daniel Craig taking over the role seems[...]
Guardian's Dave Bautista Answers Marvel Readers Questions
Jinx in the latest Bond film Spectre The big man sat down at the Marvel offices to answer fans questions… and the fans did not bring their A game. You have to respect Bautista for at least trying to answer questions like: What color is the Hulk's poop? and Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck[...]
A Trip Inside Q's Workshop From Spectre
One of the nice things about the latest James Bond film, Spectre, was the increasing role of Q played by Ben Whishaw His relationships with Bond is a very interesting one and different from the previous incarnations Plus in the new film we get to see Q's workshop which was filled with lots of fun[...]
Spectre Breaks Guinness World Record
Spectre may have taken the weekend box office, but it also did something rather unique… it broke a Guinness World Record for the Largest Film Stunt Explosion. The title was awarded in Beijing, China to Chris Corbould the Special Effects and Miniature Effects Supervisor for the film It was accept on his behalf by producer Barbara Broccoli and[...]
The James Bond Funhouse of SPECTRE – Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh
Adi Tantimedh writes, It shouldn't be a surprise that Spectre is a massive hit already in its opening week. James Bond movies are an event, and a particular ritual for many people, especially if they're British For my British friends, the release of a new Bond film often feels like an act of worship at the altar[...]
SPECTRE Goody Bags For Bleeding Cool Readers – Only British Ones, Of Course
SPECTRE, the new James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig, came out in the UK yesterday. But if you want to get the look of Britain's most famous misogynist – or rather the evil dobadders that he opposes, you have three chances with Bleeding Cool. We have three sets of Spectre goodies, including a T-shirt, hat, notebook and keyring, being[...]
Gotham By Midnight Is An Anatomy Lesson For The Spectre (SPOILERS)
Created by Jerry Siegel in 1940, Jim Corrigan, the police detective who can be possessed by a God-sent Angel Of Death, The Spectre, to impart justice where there is none. Yeah, right. Today's issue of the series sees Corrigan himself investigated by the police And they're not happy… Could Jim Corrigan really be a suspect for the murders[...]
The Bond Women Of Spectre
In this new featurette for Spectre, the upcoming James Bond film, we are introduced to the characters played by Léa Seydoux and Monica Bellucci Seydoux plays Madeleine Swann a doctor who is described as a very "human" character while Bellucci plays Lucia Sciarra, an Italian widow with secrets Daniel Craig reprises his roles as 007. Spectre[...]
Let's All Have A James Bond 007: Spectre Trailer
While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE. Opens on November 6th in the US, October 26th in the UK. A little Live And Let Die flavour? Also, someone's getting an ejector seat… A cryptic message from Bond's past sends[...]
Spectre Opening Scene Set At Day Of The Dead Festival
A new video blog let's us in on the ever important opening scene of the next James Bond film, Spectre The openings always get the audience right into the action and sets up hints at the rest of the movie The Vlog shows that Spectre will open in Mexico at a Day of the Dead[...]
TV Spot For Spectre Runs During NBA Finals
During last night's NBA finals the following TV spot ran for Spectre In it we see that the film picks up on where Skyfall left off involving the previous M's death and Bond's past. The film starts Daniel Craig as 007, Andrew Scott will play Denbigh, Dave Bautista as Mr Hinx Monica Belluci as Lucia Sciarra[...]
The Supercars Of Spectre – Aston Martin DB10 Vs. Jaguar C-X75
In a new video from the set of Spectre, we get a behind the scenes look at a classic James Bond car chase in Rome between Daniel Craig / Bond's Aston Martin DB10 and the Jaguar C-X75 driven by Mr Hinx / Dave Bautista. Spectre will be in theaters November 6th. [youtube]https://youtu.be/5BhuxLVMj4U[/youtube] [...]
When Blofeld Was A Woman In Spectre – Sony Leaks…
It would later be called Spectre But along the way it went through a number of changes, In October 2013, Sony's Hannah Mingella was writing, Here are my first thoughts There's so much I love Great locations and opportunities for signature action Some strong twists and turns The idea of a "last mission" feels like it's a[...]
Will Daniel Craig's Knee Surgery Slow Production Of Spectre?
Daniel Craig underwent arthroscopic surgery on his knee following an injury incurred while filming the latest James Bond film, Spectre A rep from EON Productions calls the surgery minor and it took place this last weekend during a break from filming He is expected to return to the production on April 22nd It is believed[...]