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Netflix's Carmen Sandiego: Blandly Enjoyable But Has Potential (SPOILER REVIEW)
With a cast of colorful and quirky allies and enemies, Carmen Sandiego delivers a Totally Spies vibe when it comes to the action and a Kim Possible-like feel. https://youtu.be/ILTWNFH4F5gVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Carmen Sandiego | Theme Song [HD] | Netflix Futures (https://youtu.be/ILTWNFH4F5g) Perhaps the biggest change in this version is Carmen's (Gina Rodriguez)[...]
Amazon Teaser Asks, "Who Stole Hanna? And Why?" (VIDEO)
Who stole Hanna? And why? Two simple questions consisting of five words in total  – and yet those five words, those two simple questions are set to send viewers down a rabbit hole of spies, double-crosses, and personal discovery Amazon Video is sharing the first teaser for their series adaptation of Joe Wright's 2011 movie Hanna,[...]
Charlie's Angels #1 cover by David Finch, Jimmy Reyes, and Triona Farrell
This comic's idea of high comedy is having Sabrina pull a monkey out of her magician's hat and it attacking the mob bosses as a distraction. It kills its own pacing by jumping back to them receiving the mission before going undercover even though the plot is very simple and straightforward, making the explanation only an[...]