James Gunn Reveals Name of [Spoiler, Also Spoiler] in Avengers: Infinity War

Filmmaker and resident cool dude James Gunn continues to reveal tidbits of information via his social media accounts. If you haven't seen the most recent MCU film, there will be a spoiler in this here piece, so maybe find something else to read if you're at all concerned. Darn those pesky spoilers; another day or two and […]

Here's Chris Pratt's First Star Lord Mask Test From GotG [Video]

Bless James Gunn for the wealth of behind the scenes things he shares with fans- today's entry being the first Star Lord mask test with Chris Pratt from Guardians of the Galaxy.[caption id="attachment_695555" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Chris Pratt and James Gunn on the GotG set[/caption]On his personal instagram, the filmmaker and 2-time MCU director shared what he calls "cellphone[...]

avengers: infinity war poster

Avengers: Infinity War Review – The Epic We All Wanted [Spoiler-Free]

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Do not worry — there will be no spoilers here. I couldn't do that to you. Avengers: Infinity War is this generation's most-anticipated film. For someone to ruin that for the audience is irresponsible and reprehensible. After 10 years, 18 films, television shows, shorts, trailers, and everything else — we have arrived. The […]

Avengers: Infinity War Cinemark Cup and tub

Infinity War Collectors: See It at Cinemark and Get a Cool Cup and Popcorn Tin!

The tin is multi-sided and features some of the Avengers from the film, including Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Groot, Iron Man, Rocket, Gamora, Star-Lord, and Doctor Strange I was hoping Thanos would be on there, but oh well It also features the Infinity War logo down one side With popcorn this was only[...]

Infinity Countdown #2 cover by Nick Bradshaw and Morry Hollowell

Infinity Countdown #2 Review: Fun, Pretty, but Not Substantial

Afterwards, this contingent of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Star-Lord, Ant-Man, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Nova Richard Rider, rejoins Drax the Destroyer and Eve at the Power Stone in the hopes of halting the Chitauri horde and the Shi’ar Talons.Meanwhile, Adam Warlock goes in search of the Soul Stone.[caption id="attachment_833662" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Infinity Countdown[...]


LEGO Celebrates the MCU's 10th Anniversary with a Poster

LEGO and Marvel have released a cool new poster celebrating the 10th anniversary of the MCU. Featuring the LEGO versions of the heroes (and Loki) from the films, it spoofs the original poster they released a couple months back. From Left to right: Loki, Vision, Mantis, Hulk, Hawkeye (see! there he is!), Gamora, Ant-Man (haha, […]

Marvel Animated Ant-Man Statue Gentle Giant 6

Ant-Man is the Latest Marvel Animated Statue from Gentle Giant

Ant-Man is the latest Marvel Animated statue from Gentle Giant. Hard to believe, but this will be the 16th statue released based off the artwork of Skottie Young and his line of Young Marvel variant covers and artwork. This one in particular is based off of his variant for Astonishing Ant-Man #1. other statues in […]

LEGO Marvel Infinity War Brickheadz Add Thanos, More to Your Collection

He also stands on a buildable collector's baseplate for easy display in your home, office or anywhere you like. • Buildable Thanos LEGO® BrickHeadz construction character features BrickHeadz eyes and authentic details from the blockbuster Avengers Infinity War movie, including purple skin, chest armor and Infinity Gauntlet with Infinity gem decorations. • Each LEGO® BrickHeadz construction character[...]

infinity war thanos figure

Infinity War S.H. Figuarts Figures Galore Coming This Year

The eight figures shown off today are Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Star-Lord, Doctor Strange, and the Mad Titan himself, Thanos.I am not really feeling that Cap face portrait I am Team BeardCap forever, but it falls apart for me at the eyes It just feels a little off other than[...]


From Iron Man to Black Panther: Marvel Studios' True Superhero, Casting

—Ed.]," Jackson said in this interview with The AV Club.Chris Pratt as Star-Lord We all kind of know this story, right? Chubby comedic actor Chris Pratt posts a photo of himself on Instagram after shedding several pounds and putting on muscle definition, and the next thing we know he's captaining the Milano in James Gunn's Guardians of[...]

Marvel Mighty Muggs Get Even More New Figures From Hasbro

Characters include IRON MAN, STAR-LORD, THANOS, ANT-MAN, MARVEL’S WASP, and more Each sold separately Available at most major retailers and on[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="793587,793586,793584,793583,793582,793581,793575,793574,793577,793576"]I love these things I also really like the second version of Captain America in his strike suit! The two stand-outs however are Thanos and Star Lord[...]

Avengers: Infinity War LEGO Sets Officially Revealed Ahead of Toy Fair

This is where you get the Infinity Gauntlet to place the stones on, along with a new version of the Milano and mini-figs of Thanos, a tricked-out Iron Man, Gamora, and Star-Lord.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="792798,792799"]And finally, the biggest set is the Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown I have always wanted a Sanctum set, so this is a[...]


Marvel Science: How Does Star-Lord Survive in Space?

Star-Lord, a character created by Steve Englehart and Steve Gan in the pages of Marvel Premier #4 (1976), was an underused character until Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning bring him into the Guardians of the Galaxy thirty years later Then, when Marvel Studios decided to make the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, casting Chris Pratt,[...]

Captain Marvel #128 cover by Phil Noto

Captain Marvel #128 Review: The One Where Thanos is a Hero

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Captain Marvel and Zeta Flight are at the mercy of Lord Starkill and his Ravagers. Unfortunately for Starkill, he decided to make a deal to give "Corporal Marvel" over to "Thanos the Just" on Titan. Shortly, the Ravagers and Zeta Flight turn on their leaders, and it's Starkill and Captain Marvel being taken […]

Guardians of the Galaxy #150 cover by Alex Ross

Guardians of the Galaxy #150 Review: A Satisfying (Possible) Ending for the Series

For all we know, Gamora, Drax, and Rocket still all hate Star-Lord’s guts.Regarding those last two points, I am aware that Infinity Countdown is serving as a continuation to Guardians of the Galaxy and may have originally been issues #151-155 Those plot points are still loose ends that could have at least been acknowledged in[...]

Captain Marvel #127 cover by Phil Noto

Captain Marvel #127 Review: It Has a Carrot Groot in it

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]The Widower (inverted Black Widow), Captain Marvel, and her Zeta Flight (Alpha Flight) crew learn that they need to steal their loot from Lord Starkill (Star-Lord) and his Ravagers (Guardians of the Galaxy) This somehow will lead Carol to saving Bean, but this topsy-turvy galaxy may have some more surprises for Captain Marvel.[caption id="attachment_768277"[...]

Guardians of the Galaxy #149 cover by Aaron Kuder and Jordie Bellaire

Guardians of the Galaxy #149 Review: Rocket Raccoon, the Champion of Justice

While Gerry Duggan’s stint on the book hasn’t exactly been the space-hopping epic one would expect given this title’s history, it has been fun, and the interactions between the Guardians are often engaging (even if much of the book has been the team hating Star-Lord) I recommend this issue, and I look forward to what[...]

Guardians of the Galaxy #148 cover by Aaron Kuder and Ive Svorcina

Guardians of the Galaxy #148 Review: Drax on the Sax

Star-Lord and Nova Richard Rider are standing before a massive Infinity Stone, shown to them by Nova Corpsman Eve Bakian It is the Power Stone, and it seems to be the real deal by all evidence.Meanwhile, Rocket Raccoon has scrounged up some dirty Nova Corps members Drax the Destroyer has found the Nova who lost[...]