E3: Dead By Daylight Plays As Well On Console As It Does PC


Hands down one of my favorite games to check in with is Dead by Daylight not only because it is by far the best asymmetrical horror survival PVP game, but also because the developers just absolutely adore what they do. It's always a fantastic time when you can sit down and chat with game devs who love their work as much as their fans do, because the pride just oozes off of them, and they're more than happy to gush at you about their own adventures in the game.

The crew at Dead by Daylight have always had that passion, and every time I run into them, it's always so obvious. It doesn't hurt that the game is fun as hell and that it has almost single-handedly moved Starbreeze Studios into the black since it's release last year. I may be a terrible survivor, but I do love to play this game. When I heard Dead by Daylight was making the jump to consoles, I was overjoyed. I've always been a filthy console peasant at heart, and so being able to play DbD on my preferred format was a dream.

And it plays just as well on console as it does PC. The gamepad controls are intuitive and the game transitions perfectly over to console. Based on the match I was able to play, there is nothing gamebreaking about the port. Honestly, as good as Dead by Daylight plays on Steam, there's something about it that was just built for console.

Maybe it's the blind lobbies, maybe it's the chat channels for Survivors, maybe it's just the human interplay, but the interactivity of Dead by Daylight has, to me, always seemed perfect for console play. Maybe that's old-fashioned of me, to automatically associate console games with that sort of community feel that all Survivor teams have with one another.

Or maybe I'm just terrible at playing with a keyboard and mouse.

Either way, I aboslutely recommend this game to anyone who hasn't played it. It's available for pre-order on console now, and is on sale on Steam for the one year anniversary. Dead by Daylight will release on June 20th for Xbox One and PS4, distributed by 505 Games.


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