Dead By Daylight's Next Killer, The Huntress, Hits PC On Thursday

Dead By Daylight's Next Killer, The Huntress, Hits PC On Thursday

The newest content update for asymmetrical horror game, Dead by Daylight, is coming to PC this Thursday with a brand new killer, The Huntress, and a new Survivor with David King. Like all of Dead by Daylight's DLC, this is a free content update for all players. While PS4 and Xbox One gamers won't be able to get their hands on The Huntress and David just yet, they will get all the new content soon.

As is typical with Dead by Daylight's updates, we're also getting a new map to go with our new killer, called the Mother's Dwelling. I'll be honest for you, the whole Lullaby For The Dark chapter is haunting but also a little bit cliche. The rabbit mask, the axe, the twisted lullaby, it all seems far too familiar. Granted, that our killer is a female one this time, and she's got broad powerful shoulders and arms makes her stand out from the usual, it is a weird combination of new and kitschy. But I always do like the look of an axe-toting badass murderess, so I'm just going to go ahead and accept that nothing can be perfect.

And at least the mask leaves space for her crooked, creepy killer grin.

The new update has a teaser, of course, which you can watch below.

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