Overkill Is Getting Payday 2 In On The VR Trend And Will Be Supporting The Game Through 2018


Overkill Software are planning to support their heist-based crime spree wish-fulfillment vehicle, Payday 2, through October of 2018. Two of their recent announcements are essentially working toward that end. The first, Payday 2 will be joining the VR trend by giving Payday 2 players the option to experience the entire game in a VR mode. There will be a beta of that later this year.

The VR teaser trailer debuted yesterday demonstrates players using the HTC Vive's motion controllers and full-body tracking to hide behind cover, order hostages around, shoot, steal, and revive teammates. Pretty solid for an in-development VR mode, huh?

Payday 2's VR will allow crossplay so traditional PC players can join VR players in the same game. No word on wether or not this will extend to the console versions.

The second announcement from Overkill was the detailing of an Ultimate Edition for Payday 2 which will merge almost every DLC for the game into a single collection for the bargain price of $45 USD alongside the base game. That whole edition would comprise of over 55 heists, 18 playable characters, 77 primary weapons, 51 secondary weapons, and over 80 melee weapons. So if you want to hit the streets in Payday 2 as a veritable walking armory, the Ultimate Edition is probably not a bad idea. The Ultimate Edition will launch on Steam on June 8th, after which all future Payday 2 updates will be released for free – across all editions of the game. Individual DLC purchases will no longer be available on Steam after the Ultimate Edition launches, so if you want to stock up without getting the spiffy new edition of the game – because you already have the base game and likely some of the DLCs – well, the individual packs are 85% between now and June 8th. So you might want to step on that.

The VR teaser trailer is below.


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