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Steve Ditko ( November 2, 1927 – c. June 29, 2018) was an American comic book creator best known as the artist and co-creator, with Stan Lee, of the Marvel Comics superheroes Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.  

The Insult That Made A Man Out Of Rorschach
And Will Myerson, previously revealed as both the new Rorschach, as a shut-in lonely figure based on Steve Ditko – though Steve Ditko was nothing like this.  Art from Rorschach #2. The apartment and building Myerson lives in resembles that of Steve Ditko, Pontius Pirate being turned into movies resembles the journey of Spider-Man, his desire to[...]
The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for The Walking Dead #192
Hence why this page from Rorschach #2 below the spoiler image is doing the rounds over the weekend – just like Death Metal #5. Did Rorschach Create A Character Like The Question? (Spoilers) The link in the unauthorised sequel to Watchmen by Tom King and Jorge Fornes, between Rorschach suspect comic book creator Will Myerson has been[...]
How Rorscharch #1 Betrays, then Kills Steve Ditko
Later, it turns out the man is a stand-in for real-life cartoonist Steve Ditko Some readers might say that the book betrays, then kills Steve Ditko. "Rorschach" #1 opening, DC Comics The dead cartoonist's similarity to the myth of Ditko are quite pronounced – reclusive in his later years, hardly went out, drew his own increasingly incomprehensible[...]
Steve Ditko Wanted Spider-Man to be Orange and Purple
When Jonathan Ross talked with Forbidden Planet about his In Search Of Steve Ditko BBC documentary, Ross revealed one Spider-Man snippet from when he talked to the late Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko that, as far as I can tell has never been shared by anyone before So I thought I'd share it Ross tells us; "I said[...]
Auto Draft
J.WAR writes, "Why do you think [Blue Beetle] didn't sell?", Rich Howell asked Steve Ditko way back in 1968 (1) Ditko's response cut to the heart of the real issue: "I think it would be more interesting and revealing to ask comic readers why they didn't buy it." Poor sales and abruptly canceled titles stalked Ditko throughout[...]
Legacy vs Intent: Steve Ditko's Mr. A Collected Against His Wishes?
As BC reporter Joshua Stone sat in on the IDW Artist's Editions & More panel Sunday afternoon at San Diego Comic-Con, I was curious to see what news he'd be reporting on regarding their upcoming offerings.  I'm a fan of the Artist Edition format, and the the top shelf in the corner of my office[...]
Spider-Man 1st Appearance Amazing Fantasy 15 CGC 9.2 Hits $598,000
Spider-Man himself is seemingly immune to the natural highs and lows of popularity that virtually every other major character has had over the course of the decades.  Powered by some sort of Steve Ditko and Stan Lee creative radiation with an infinite half-life, the Amazing Spider-Man never, ever goes out of style. That unfailing staying power[...]
Ditko Monsters Holds Up As An Entertaining Compilation Of the Classics
IDW collects the classic works of Steve Ditko and Joe Gill's Gordo and Konga, compiling them into a double feature graphic novel in stores now. Although lesser known than his contemporary Stan Lee, Ditko made his mark in the industry by taking the "Marvel Method" and elevating the medium into the art form known worldwide[...]
Super Weird Heroes v2.1: Gene Simmons, Steve Ditko, and Hand Gestures of Power
They're the original masters of memetics.  This is why Thomas Nast had political clout in the 19th Century that the likes of Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart could never dream of having.  Not only was Nast insightful and clever, but he could make his point with a single image that his readers could readily understand[...]
Marvel Declassified 2: High School Experiments in Radioactivity
About a year before the debut of Spider-Man by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee in Amazing Fantasy #15, the U.S Atomic Energy Commission and the National Science Foundation sponsored a course for high school students to learn about radiation and its effects on living creatures Equipment including Geiger counters were provided, and high school science[...]
steve ditko art
Richard Howell, longstanding comic book industry figure, writer, producer and Editor-in-Chief of publisher Claypool Comics, had a story to tell about Steve Ditko And it is making a number of people uneasy. He posted his story publicly on Facebook, writing: Anyone who's attempted to procure original art by Steve Ditko–and succeeded–probably didn't get it directly from him[...]