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Artists Class Action Lawsuit Against Midjourney & Stable Diffusion AI
Jack Kirby, Siya Oum, Bryan K Vaughan, Klaus Janson, Chip Zdarsky, Will Eisner, Phil Jimenezm Mike Deodato, Matt Fraction, Bart Sears, Mike Mayhew, Tony Moore,  Aaron McGruder, Al Williamson, Albert Uderzio, Mobius, Alex Raymonf, Alex Rodd, Alex Toth, Angus McKie, Brian Bolland, Brian Stelfreeze, Bruce Timm, Charls Burns, Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes, Dave Gibbons, Dave[...]
Dark Horse To Publish Mike Baron's Nefarious Version of Nexus
With the wrong sun in the sky, Nexus is unable to use his powers—so he'll have to rely on his intelligence and survival skills if he wants to escape and see his family again." Dark Horse To Publish Mike Baron's Nefarious Version of Nexus Nexus is a superhero created by Mike Baron and Steve Rude in 1980,[...]
Atomika: God Is Red Omnibus On Kickstarter, Read Full 1st Issue Free
The Atomika: God Is Red Omnibus Edition features more than 75 pages of new art, including work by Simone Bianchi, Simon Bisley, Tim Bradstreet, Claudio Castellini, Travis Charest, Gene Colan, Glenn Fabry, Gary Gianni, David Mack, Angel Medina, Eddy Newell, Alex Nino, Lucio Parrillo, Eric Powell, John Romita Sr., Steve Rude, Arthur Suydam, and Michael[...]
The Daily LITG, New Year's Eve 2019, Happy Birthday Steve Rude
9am PT, noon ET, 5pm GMT… The 10 most-read stories yesterday Erik Larsen Says Colorist Who Poorly Recolored Marvel Comics Presents #48 Cover Should Be Killed Diamond Confirms DC Comics' 5G Crisis On Infinite Earths Giant #1 – Good Read, Great Easter Eggs, Horrible Crisis Management, Bad Arrowverse Tie-In (SPOILERS) "League Of Legends" Player Maria "Remilia" Creveling Has Passed Away Readers[...]
Comicbooks For Kids
Titled Legends Vol 1, this volume includes previously published art, new art or unseen-until-now art from the likes of John Bolton, Gary Gianni, Aaron Lopresti, Art Baltazar, Val Mayerik, Steve Rude, Shawn McManus, Stan Sakai, William Stout, Dan Parent, Rich Tommaso, the late Mike Wieringo, Topper Helmers Jerry Bingham and more A total of 34[...]
Mike Baron and Steve Rude's Nexus Returns in February
Dark Horse Comics has announced a new volume of Nexus from Mike Baron and Steve Rude coming this February in both a regular and deluxe edition Nexus, of course, debuted on Monday Night Raw in 2010 by attacking John Cena and C.M Punk… no, wait, that's pro wrestling stable The Nexus But it's an easy[...]
Man of Steel #2 cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Alex Sinclair
Admittedly, that is personal preference. Man of Steel #2 art by Evan Shaner and Alex Sinclair Evan Shaner, Steve Rude, and Jay Fabok split the art for this issue Each artist puts in good work, even if three separate artists seems a little excessive for a comic like this Admittedly, Fabok only handles two pages, but it[...]
This one was done by Sam Humphries, Steve Rude, and John Kalisz. Rude and Kalisz stray a bit more from the Kirby aesthetic with this story, but the art still has a classical feel They play with shadows well, and it gives a gothic atmosphere which matches Jason and Etrigan perfectly. The Kirby Grabbers this time include[...]
DC to Celebrate Jack Kirby's 100th Birthday with Ambitious Post-Apocalyptic Series
Tomasi/Neal Adams Issue #3 by Jimmy Palmiotti/Amanda Conner Issue #4 by James Tynion/Carlos D'Anda Issue #5 by Bill Willingham/Ivan Reis Issue #6 by Steve Orlando/Philip Tan Issue #7 by Marguerite Bennett/Dan Jurgens Issue #8 by Keith Giffen/Steve Rude Issue #9 by Tom King/Kevin Eastman Issue #10 by Greg Pak/Joe Prado Issue #11 by Rob Williams/Walter Simonson Issue #12 by Gail Simone/Ryan Sook And here's a look[...]
And Finally… The History Of The DC Universe, As It Was
Gilbert, Jim Starlin, Joe Kubert, Arthur Adams, Walter Simonson, Paul Norris, Mike Grell, Mary Wilshire, Andy Kubert, Gil Kane, Kurt Schaffenberger, Bob Kane, Curt Swan, George Pérez, Howard Chaykin, Jan Duursema, Carmine Infantino, Jim Steranko, Gray Morrow, Neal Adams, Murphy Anderson, Dave Gibbons, Gilbert Hernandez, Dan Spiegle, Frank Thorne, Ramona Fradon, Matt Wagner, Ernie Colon, Irwin[...]
Before You Give Thanks… You Can Hit The VA Comic Con
(Vampirella), Matt Slay (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Paris Cullins (Blue Devil), Neil Vokes (Jurassic Park), Randy Green (Tomb Raider) and Steve "The Dude" Rude (Nexus). There will also be exclusives including the following Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cover from IDW Publishing and a Wonder Woman art print by Steve Rude. For more information on the convention[...]
Things To Do In London In July If You Like Comics – Neil Gaiman, Melinda Gebbie, Steve Rude, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Dave Gibbons, Robert Crumb And More
Also taking part in the event will be others involved in the Oz trial; Charles Shaar Murray, Geoffrey Robertson QC and Deyan Sudjic. Wednesday 16th July Orbital Comics In a very special London event, Steve Rude will be conducting a life-drawing class from 7.30pm Tickets will sell out fast, £10 (includes refreshments) Friday 18th July Posy Simmonds and Steve Bell in[...]
DC Comics Cancels Adventures Of Superman With #17
team-up as only Jerry Ordway and Steve Rude can deliver! Then, when Lois Lane gets Superman a mystery gift for Valentine's Day, Superman speculates with his friends about what it could be – and what he should get her in return! Finally, Superman is confronted by a ghost from Krypton! Don't miss out! Still, Ordway and[...]
Reference Book For Comic Artists Has Its Sights On An Indiegogo Record
We have big names like Steve Rude, Ariel Olivetti, Ed Benes, Artgerm, Kim Jung Gi and loads more. We're big bleeding fans of Bleeding Cool If your readers help us hit our goal of $100,000 by Sunday night this weekend, we will include a limited edition spread in the book, specifically for Bleeding Cool contributors[...]
Things To Do In Kansas City If You Like Comics – Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3
Anderson writes for Bleeding Cool:  Have you ever wanted to meet and spend time with your favorite comic creators? Now you have that chance!  Meet Frank Cho, Steve Rude, Mark Chiarello, Camilla d'Errico, Terry Dodson, Dave Dorman, Mark Schultz, Tim Bruckner and other world renowned creators as over 200 artists converge on Kansas City, Missouri May[...]
The Dude And Adventures Of Superman
I grew up loving Steve Rude's artwork Nexus was just a gorgeous book and always caught my eye as something unique and different So when I reported a few days back about the new line up for the digital-first Adventures Of Superman, it made me very happy to see Steve's name along with Jerry Ordway[...]
Niles, Ordway And DeConnick Head Up Next Batch Of Creators On Adventures Of Superman
The line up includes Steve Niles, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Joe Keatinge, Ming Doyle, Jerry Ordway, Steve Rude, Matthew Dow Smith and more. Here is the line up for March and April: March 10 – "STRANGE VISITOR" 1/3 – Joe Keatinge, Ming Doyle & Brent Schoonover March 17 – "STRANGE VISITOR" 2/3 – Joe Keatinge, Ming Doyle, David Williams & Al Gordon March 24 – "STRANGE[...]
DC Announces Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill by Len Wein and Steve Rude
We are getting seriously close to Before Watchmen: Multi-Legged Chicken Waitress here… DC Comics have announced a new Before Watchmen comic concentrated on Dollar Bill, the bank-sponsored superhero of the Minutemen, who died during a bank robbery when his cape was caught in a revolving door. Did I just spoil the end? MTV reports the comic will be[...]
Can You Help Post Bail For Steve Rude?
The website of Nexus co-creator Steve Rude reports that he has been arrested; "Steve has had a back and forth with the neighbors for quite some time now that started over their barking dogs.  Last night Steve got hauled in. "We are currently lowering prices on Steve's art to make bail and pay for[...]
Beer Brewed With Added Steve Rude Artwork
Here is an exclusive first look at the finished art for a series of beer bottle labels drawn by multiple Eisner-winning Nexus artist Steve Rude. These are for a new run of specialty brews being offered by Edmonton's Sherbrooke Liquor, under the brand of Revere Beer. Each of the twelve beers in this series features a different[...]
Steve Rude Would Like To Work For DC Comics. Please.
Legendary comics artist Steve Rude has posted on Facebook that he wants to come back to comics DC Comics He writes; This decision took place no less than a month ago, after I came to the following realization– One– I've had enough time away from the field to want to come back.  In the[...]
Steve Rude's House Is Saved… For Now
Last month Bleeding Cool reported on how Steve Rude and his wife Gino were running an emergency sale of work to prevent foreclosure on his house And the good news is that it worked He posts on Facebook; Well, it's nice to know we still have a nice house to live in. In fact, thanks[...]