Man of Steel #2 Review: The First Issue Wasn't a Fluke

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In the past, we find a Guardian and an intergalactic king arguing after the death of Krypton. They both know that Rogol Zaar is somehow responsible, and the king thinks that the Guardian, Appa Ali Apsa, may have participated.

Man of Steel #2 cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Alex Sinclair
Man of Steel #2 cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Alex Sinclair

In the present, new Daily Planet reporter Robinson Goode begins stirring up trouble and asking about what happened with the departure of Lois Lane. In Coast City, Superman faces the Toyman, whom now has a giant robot with which to wreak havoc. When the Man of Steel returns to Metropolis, he finds Perry White bearing bad news about the Daily Planet.

Man of Steel #2 is a less Superman-centric issue of the comic, focusing more on the issues at the Daily Planet. This isn't bad, as the struggles of the Planet are engaging.

Even the short flashback with Appa Ali Apsa and the alien king is handled solidly.

The segments with Superman are great, if a bit disjointed thanks to an impromptu and slightly confusing flashback of his own. Brian Michael Bendis continues to write a lighthearted, funny, yet self-conscious Man of Steel. Playing at a possible rift between Clark and Lois could make for some good drama, but the prospect does bother me — I quite love Lois and Clark being a family with Jonathan. Admittedly, that is personal preference.

Man of Steel #2 art by Evan Shaner and Alex Sinclair
Man of Steel #2 art by Evan Shaner and Alex Sinclair

Evan Shaner, Steve Rude, and Jay Fabok split the art for this issue. Each artist puts in good work, even if three separate artists seems a little excessive for a comic like this. Admittedly, Fabok only handles two pages, but it does still create a bit of visual dissonance, as the styles don't meld especially well. That said, each segment looks good on its own, and color artist Alex Sinclair keeps a nice and balanced palette throughout.

Man of Steel #2 is another damn good issue from Bendis and his new Superman era. The plot is interesting, the characters are good, and the artists put in excellent work on the visuals. Clark Kent is presented well by the team, and the Man of Tomorrow looks to be in good hands. This comic earns a recommendation. Give it a read.

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