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Comics Industry Reacts To The US Supreme Court on Roe v Wade
A draft Supreme Court opinion by the conservative justice Samuel Alito, was leaked to Politico, before it was then officially released It showed that the court was planning to reverse the world-famous Roe v Wade decision from 1973 that legalised abortion nationwide The original ruling stated that a woman's right to have an abortion was[...]
Stan Lee's Brother & Other Marvel Creator Estates File Supreme Court
Supreme Court declined to review Hasbro's bench trial victory in a dispute over ownership rights to The Game of Life, with the heirs of the designer of The Game of Life.  Markham Concepts Inc argued lower courts relied on what it called the misguided "instance and expense" rule created in the 1960s to find the[...]
Stan Lee's Brother & Other Marvel Creator Estates File Supreme Court
In response, Marvel Comics filed their own lawsuits to dismiss these claims, as referring to work-for-hire practices which would be ineligible for copyright reversion. But while this has been happening, something else has been going on at the Supreme Court that may affect whether or not the creation of superheroes at Marvel in the sixties counts[...]
The Incredible Hulk Comes to the British Supreme Court
From outside the Supreme Court of Great Britain today, where the court is deciding whether or not the proroguing of Parliament is legal or not The case will take three days, but that doesn't stop protestors from lining up outside as I was cycling by Now whether or not Prime Minister Boris Johnson can prorogue[...]
Supreme Court Says Rule Against Potentially Offensive Trademarks Is Unconstitutional
Now the Supreme Court has affirmed that ruling, negating the provision in the Lanham Act. Justice Samuel Alito, who wrote the opinion, said of the provision: "It offends a bedrock First Amendment principle Speech may not be banned on the grounds that it expresses ideas that offend." This decision could be bigger than it seems at first, as it[...]
Supreme Court Will Not Review Superman Rights Case
Supreme Court to do nothing There were early reports of them denying to review five different cases trying to block same-sex marriage in five states Which means that those states should be able to move forward and perform marriages Now we get word that they have denied to review the case that challenged Warner Bros[...]
Marvel To Respond To Kirby Request To The Supreme Court Today
Today, Marvel are due to respond to the case from Jack Kirby's family and estate, represented by Marc Toberoff, regarding the definition of work for hire in a freelance capacity – which the Supreme Court will be considering whether or not to hear in September This could impact on the ownership and revenue created by[...]
How The Supreme Court And Jack Kirby Could Change Everything, Part II
A few weeks ago, Bleeding Cool ran the story "How The Supreme Court And Jack Kirby Could Change Everything". Looks like we are not alone in that opinion. The Hollywood Reporter ran the story that Hollywood guilds have issued an amicus brief back the action by Jack Kirby's family to terminate Marvel and Disney's copyright on characters he[...]
How The Supreme Court And Jack Kirby Could Change Everything
"I would like to suggest, to anyone in the media, that they won't be wasting their time if they follow the 'Jack Kirby rights at the Supreme Court' story, more closely" – Neal Adams. He's got a point Currently the case between Jack Kirby and Marvel Comics over the rights to X-Men, Hulk, Avengers, Fantastic Four and[...]