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The RPG Show For Geek & Sundry's Tabletop Channel Announced

Something very interesting has been happening for tabletop roleplaying games in Los Angles for the past week. Wil Wheaton's Tabletop web show started filming the new season of its RPG show. One of the stretch goals of the highly successful IndieGoGo campaign was to fund a season where Wheaton and others would play a roleplaying campaign. Now, the […]

Could Indiana Find Itself Without Gen Con In The Near Future?

We urge the House to vote this bill down and call on Governor Pence to do the right thing and veto this bill if it makes it to his desk. Tabletop gaming has always had a sizable contingent of LGBT gamers and designers, all of whom would be negatively impacted by this bill Gen Con wrote[...]

From Reaper Miniatures Comes A Giant Kaiju

By Christopher Helton Reaper Miniatures announced a number of things for retailers at the GAMA Trade Show, but probably the "biggest" announcement was for the Khanjira: The World Breaker "miniature." A part of the popular Bones line of polymer miniatures, Khanjira was sculpted by Jason Wiebe and stands over seven inches tall! This monster is more than a match for any band […]

Asmodee Starts Organized Play Program

Organized Play, which is typically where tournament-style play occurs in stores and at conventions and sometimes has player rankings or prizes, is fairly common in other forms of tabletop gaming, like roleplaying games and collectible card games, but doesn't appear to be as common in the world of board games.Right now the games supported in[...]

New Settlers of Catan Edition Announced By Mayfair Games

By Christopher Helton   In what will definitely be a big announcement for fans of board games, Mayfair Games announced at the GAMA Trade Show that they will be making a new edition of the popular Settlers of Catan game. Coming in 2015, The Settlers of Catan® along with all of its expansions and 5-6 player extensions […]

IDW Games Announces Expansions And New Games: Machi Koro And Chew

By Christopher Helton IDW Games announced at the GAMA Trade Show  an expansion for their translation of the hit Japanese card game, Machi Koro. The expansion will be available in June of 2015. Machi Koro is a card game where you build the titular city. The game is designed to be fast playing, allowing you to build Machi […]

Rounding Up Steve Jackson Games Announcements: Hellboy, Car Wars, Munchkin

By Christopher HeltonWith the GAMA Trade Show going on in Las Vegas, the announcements are flying fast and furious for tabletop gaming Here at Bleeding Cool  we are going to sort through all of the releases and teases, and even through in some speculation.GAMA is the Game Manufacturer's Association, a tabletop gaming trade group that organizes[...]

In The Future There Will Be Car Wars And Kickstarters

By Christopher Helton Car Wars. That's a name that instills hope and loyalty among tabletop gamers. I spoke briefly last year, during my Gen Con coverage, about Steve Jackson Games rerelease of Cars Wars Classic. A classic war/board game, Car Wars is about heavily armed and armored cars fighting, either in arenas or on the roads of a future […]

Looking At Zak Smith's A Red & Pleasant Land

Comics benefit greatly at times from the focused and singular viewpoint of the writer/artist being able to interpret what is in their heads, unfortunately this is something that has never been as prevalent in tabletop gaming and I think that it is that singularity of vision that helps to make Red & Pleasant Land such[...]

Mythoard Brings Monthly Subscription Boxes To Tabletop Gamers

We have these for comics, for toys, for snack goods, and now we have this for tabletop gaming as well with Mythoard.I’ll be completely honest…right now Mythoard is still in that scrappy early phase of the program There is some interesting stuff but the prices, starting at $25 for U.S domestic addresses, might be a[...]

Modiphius Entertainment Announces New Conan Tabletop RPG

By Christopher Helton Modiphius Entertainment has announced that they have made a licencing deal with Conan Properties to produce a new tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Robert E. Howard's Conan. This will be the forth tabletop roleplaying game to feature the world of Howard's creation. A Kickstarter will launch this summer. Modiphius says that they […]

Chainmail Co-Author Jeff Perren In Need of Medical Help

By Christopher Helton All too often the co-author, or co-creator, of something big gets forgotten or dismissed, and the main voice gets much of the accolades and later attention. Not a lot of gamers, whether with tabletop RPGs or the computer variety, may know who Jeff Perren is, or realize the foundation that he helped […]

Artist And Game Designer Zak Smith Talks About A Red And Pleasant Land

Smith has his fans and detractors, but his contributions to tabletop gaming are irrefutable Between his long-running blog, D&D With Pornstars, (this site does have adult content and requires a click through that you understand that) the webseries I Hit It With My Axe, and the multiple award winning setting book Vornheim (published by controversial[...]

Dynamite And Paizo Publishing Reveal Pathfinder Origins

By Christopher Helton Dynamite Entertainment and Paizo Publishing have announced a new miniseries of Pathfinder comics to be published by Dynamite. Called Pathfinder Origins, this six issue miniseries will explore the characters of the Pathfinder Comic and introduce one of the iconic characters of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game to the fans of the comics. This […]

Gamers Helping Children Through Extra Life And You Can Too

By Christopher Helton In 2008, what would become Extra Life started when video gamers came together to send video games and gifts to Victoria Enmon, a young woman who eventually lost her fight with lymphoblastic leukemia. After her death, the Extra Life organization was started and raised $302,000 in 2008 and 2009 for children at […]

Art Of The Game – Bleeding Cool's Tabletop Roleplaying VideoCast Debut

By Christopher Helton Art of the Game is a new, monthly video cast that is going to be featured on Bleeding Cool. Each month we will talk about tabletop roleplaying games from the perspective of the game master. Each episode with feature myself, Christine Marie Vinciquarra, Tim Callahan and Stacy Dellorfano. Art of the Game […]

Crowdfunding Game Changer To Help Learning Through Game Play

Phil Zoshak writes for Bleeding Cool: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak about Game Changer, a new nerd nonprofit program of Page 15, a children's literacy nonprofit in Downtown Orlando, that teaches kids how to learn through play. We take games likes Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, and Chess, and infuse […]

Halloween Gaming Finds – The Mars Attacks Dice Game

By Christopher Helton During the month of October, the minds of gamers tend to turn to thoughts of more scary games than they would normally play. Whether they turn to games of horror, conspiracy or general weirdness for a Halloween gaming fix, gamers look for new and different experiences. Sometimes they turn to classics like […]