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"Call Of Duty: Mobile" Officially Launches Season 3
Tencent and Activision have kicked off Season 3 in Call Of Duty: Mobile today, and with it comes a ton of new additions to keep you busy throughout it It starts with a new multiplayer map called Scrapyard at launch with more on the way There's also new Limited-Time Game Modes, 20v20 Battle Royale, Rapid[...]
Tencent Switch Cartridges Won't Function in Global Switch Systems
Credit: Nintendo If for some reason you were hoping to nab some Switch games and import them to play on your Western system (or whatever version you have) from China, you're going to be out of luck. According to analyst Daniel Ahmad, physical game cards for the Tencent Nintendo Switch in China won't work with global consoles[...]
The Latest "PUBG Mobile" Update Kicks Open Season 11
Tencent and PUBG Corp have officially kicked off Season 11 in PUBG Mobile, as Operation Tomorrow will start in the game on January 9th The new update comes with both a new arena map called Town, and a new Domination mode In that mode, players will be assigned to either the blue or red team[...]
"PUBG Mobile" Announces Open Registration For PMCO 2020
Corp and Tencent have announced the official opening for registration for the PUBG Mobile PMCO 2020, with a prize pool worth $5 million This year comes with a new a new tournament structure, which the company has provided players (and we have for you below) From today until Tuesday, January 21st, both amateur and professional[...]
"PUBG Mobile" Reveals Milestones To Close Out 2019
Here's a quote and some added info from the company about their latest achievements as they head into 2020. Credit: Tencent Vincent Wang, General Manager of Global Publishing, Tencent Games kicked off the massive event by thanking the PUBG Mobile community for their continued support, stating, "PUBG Mobile is more than just a game, it's a platform where players[...]
Giveaway: Second "The Walking Dead" Pack For "PUBG Mobile"
Tencent and PUBG Corp have been kind enough to provide us a few codes for players to get these add-ons, which include skins for Negan and Michonne, as well as their permanent weapons, her katana and the bat Lucille What do you need to do to win this? In order to get one of the[...]
"PUBG Mobile" Receives Negan & Michonne From "The Walking Dead"
Tencent and PUBG Corp have added a couple new The Walking Dead characters into PUBG Mobile this week, as you can now play Negan and Michonne As you can see from the pictures we have here, the new content called "A Bat & A Blade" will add both character's skins to the list of possible[...]
Controller Support Returns To "Call Of Duty: Mobile" In Next Update
Today at 9pm PST, Tencent and Activision will be sending out a new update for the game with a ton of additional content This will include the much-requested zombies mode, new maps, and a new Battle Pass that will kick in on November 25th But the most important aspect of this update to a lot[...]
OnePlus Official Becomes A Sponsor of "PUBG Mobile" Tournaments
"Many of our customers are PUBG Mobile gamers so we work hard to make sure all of our devices, including the latest OnePlus 7T phone, deliver the best possible gameplay experience."  "Super League is thrilled to welcome OnePlus as our first mobile hardware sponsor as part of our partnership with Tencent to bring premium competitive PUBG Mobile experiences[...]
"PUBG Mobile" Receives A New Team Deathmatch Mode Update
and Tencent Games have introduced a brand new mode into PUBG Mobile, as players can now play Team Deathmatch The 0.15.5 content update dropped on November 8th, adding the new mode as well as some bug fixes and more that you can read about below Plus, on November 11th, players are also getting their first-ever[...]
Giveaway: "The Walking Dead" Pack For "PUBG Mobile"
Tencent and PUBG Corp have been kind enough to provide us a few codes for players to get these add-ons, which includes a Rick Grimes skin, a Daryl Dixon skin, and Daryl's motorcycle What do you need to do to win this? In order to get one of the codes, it just requires you to[...]
"PUBG Mobile" Receives A New Anti-Cheat System
Tencent and PUBG Corp have announced this week that they are taking further precautions against rampant cheating happening in PUBG Mobile This week, both companies announced they have upgraded their anti-cheat system with new software and protocols The system will watch over players and check their behavior against "a massive and ever-expanding library to cross-reference[...]