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Book Of Demons Gets A Spinoff Game Called Hellcard
Skystone Games and Thing Trunk revealed they finally have a release date for Hellcard, as it will be released mid-February on Steam The team has had the game out in Early Access for a while now, giving players a chance to try out this cooperative deck builder rogue-like game within the Book Of Demons universe[...]
Book Of Demons Gets A Spinoff Game Called Hellcard
Indie developer Thing Trunk, along with publisher Skystone Games, announced a new Book Of Demons spinoff game, Hellcard This particular game has been designed to be a cooperative roguelike deckbuilder with single and multiplayer modes, operating a lot like the game that it is based on Except this one has a few more impressive features[...]
[REVIEW] Book of Demons is Strangely Addicting
credit// Thing Trunk [rwp_box_recap id="0"] Thing Trunk's Book of Demons is a fun isometric hack and slash dungeon crawler In fact, it just might be more fun than it possibly should The ultimate goal is for the player to delve so deep into the dungeon that they wind up in hell, and the game is pretty transparent about[...]