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Asmodee and Days Of Wonder announced a new version of Ticket To Ride as they'll be releasing one centered around San Francisco This one has been designed to be a family game that is less complicated and has easy-to-learn rules, as you'll be able to play 5-15 minute game sessions at a time instead of[...]
Ticket To Ride: Play Pink Released To Support BCRF
Asmodee and Days of Wonder revealed a special version of a classic as Ticket To Ride: Play Pink will be going toward a worthy cause As you can see from the image below, this version of the game comes with an exclusive train set in-theme with the classic pink coloring of the Breast Cancer Research[...]
Ticket To Ride Europe Gets A Special 15th Anniversary Edition
Days of Wonder revealed this past week that Ticket To Ride Europe will be getting a special 15th Anniversary edition of the game Along with Asmodee, the game will feature all of the gameplay you know and love but with a very special look to it as the board, the pieces, the box, and more[...]
Ticket To Ride: Stay At Home Print And Play Expansion Announced
Days of Wonder, creators of board games such as Memoir 44 and Small World, has announced their plans for a print-and-play expansion for Ticket To Ride This new expansion, known as Ticket To Ride: Stay At Home, will be available on Days of Wonder's website effective immediately. The game board of the original Ticket To Ride core game[...]
Best Games to Play with Your Family at the Holidays
Its also new enough to have some good novelty value, and rounds are rather short, making this a good pickup game if you're in a pinch or have a crowd that tends to wander away. Ticket to Ride is a bit like the lovechild of Risk and Monopoly, but with trains And way less player against[...]
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Asmodee Acquires Days Of Wonder As Board Game Subsidiary
While technically being called a merger, the end result is that Days of Wonder will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Asmodee. Board gaming fans will recognize Days of Wonder as the publishers of Ticket To Ride, Memoir 44 and Small World Both of these games are consistently popular in the hobby games channels. Asmodee is best know for its games 7 Wonders and Mascarade. Asmodee[...]