A Better Look At The Next Batman For DC Future State in 2021

Bleeding Cool was the first to report the plans for Batman in what was then dubbed 5G or Generation Five. That Batman #100 would have ended with the supposed death of Bruce Wayne, the series would have been relaunched with a new Batman written by John Ridley, with Bruce Wayne revealed to be still alive working on the sidelines. And that the new Batman would be the son of Lucius Fox – Luke Fox we presumed at the time.

Then everything changed, DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio and instigator of 5G was fired, and 5G was canned, some of the planned material truncated and reassigned to the already-planned two-month editorial gap ahead of the 5G, now called Future State. And a four-issue series, The Next Batman, for two months. James Tynion IV was no longer killing off Batman – or the Joker, or Harley Quinn. Instead he continued the series after #100 without a relaunch. And Timothy Fox was introduced into the Batman comics, potentially offering another candidate for the Next Batman.

However, we do get a better look at the man under the cowl, replacing Bruce Wayne for DC Future State. But which of the brothers it is, that will have to wait for another time.

A Better Look At The Next Batman For DC Future State in 2021
A Better Look At The Next Batman For DC Future State in 2021

If it's Tim, he did shave that dodgy moustache to be The Next Batman…

The Next Batman #1 by John Ridley and Nick Derington.

Gotham City has always been dangerous—but now, it's downright deadly!

Following the tragedy of "A-Day," the mayor allowed the private law enforcement group known as the Magistrate to take over policing so-called mask crime—and that has given rise to a new Dark Knight! What is this mysterious crime fighter's connection to former Batman weaponeer Lucius Fox? The fight for justice has never been this dangerous!

Then, in an new tale of the Outsiders, everything in Gotham City may be under the thumb of the Magistrate—but even members of that totalitarian force know that the outskirts of town are protected by the sword of Katana!

Plus, ride with the Arkham Knights on their quest for freedom. Arkham Asylum has been decommissioned, and the Magistrate rules the land with an iron fist and zero tolerance.

Now it's time for the lunatics to take back their town! Follow Croc, Two-Face, Phosphorus, Zsasz, Clayface, and Astrid Arkham as the Arkham Knights raise holy hell on the occupiers of Gotham!


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