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After giving The Orville editor & co-producer Tom Costantino his "15 minutes of fame" coverage over the news that he would be appearing in front of the camera during the third season of Hulu and Seth MacFarlane's popular series, we're back to using him for updates And we've got two fun ones to present, including another[...]
The Orville: Since "Hell Froze Over", Guess Who Shows Up in Season 3?
We always enjoy offering updates on how season three production is going with Hulu and Seth MacFarlane's The Orville and we always appreciate the intel editor & co-producer Tom Costantino has to offer via social media because it adds so much of a personal, intimate look at how the season is coming together But when[...]
The Orville Season 3: Scott Grimes Gets BDay Love; Meet "COVID Carrie"
And once again, we have editor & co-producer Tom Costantino to thank for the updates And this time we have two- one that brings a number of familiar faces together for a more-than-worthy celebration, and another that introduces a slightly creepy but we're guessing very important "team member" when it comes to COVID response. THE ORVILLE[...]
Once again, we have editor & co-producer Tom Costantino and series star Jessica Szohr (Talla) to thank for some fun intel. Images: ViacomCBS/Hulu Kicking things off, we have two posts from Costantino- with the first being probably the closest the show will ever come to crossing over with the "Star Trek" universe (though with how things are[...]
Seth MacFarlane in The Orville
Editor & co-producer Tom Costantino has proven to be a great resource for a look at how things are progressing, from last time's "good accidental NDA friendly" action shot to a look at some "space things." This time around, we're not just catching up with Costantino but also with several members of the cast to[...]
The Orville - Identity Part I Adrienne Palicki and Seth MacFarlane
So the last time we checked in with how things were going with production on the third season of Hulu and Seth MacFarlane's The Orville, editor & co-producer Tom Costantino was sharing some in-the-moment looks behind the scenes (with a guest appearance from Chad Coleman as they checked in from the "planetary union covid testing facility")[...]
the orville
So now we're checking back in, and we think we've found a new "production update" friend in editor and co-producer Tom Costantino, who offers some interesting and intimate behind-the-scenes looks via his Instagram account Here's a look at two updates from Costantino (one recent and a previous one worth checking out, followed by a tweet[...]