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Trading Card Binder Review: AITIME 4-Pocket Zippered Binder
Credit: AITIME AITIME 4-Pocket Zippered Binder: The Details On Amazon, it's listed as: 160 Pockets Trading Cards Binder Album, 4-Pocket Side Loading PP Card Sleeves, Zippered Yugioh Pokemon MTG Card Protection Book for Collector Color options: Blue or black Side-loading sleeves for the cards Zips shut No rings Trading Card Binder Credit: AITIME The Good Plushy feel: The mixture of a leather texture with[...]
Trading Cards: More Detail's On Ebay's Authentication Guarantee
As we reported, the guarantee has been extended to trading cards with a secondary market price of $750.00 and up, among other items Soon, this price limit will be expanded to include trading cards costing $250.00 and up We recently got the chance to get some answers as to some of our most burning inquiries[...]
Ebay Launches New Authentication Guarantee For Trading Cards
At first, the guarantee covers trading cards valued at a minimum of $750.00, but plans to expand this to cards valued at $250.00 and above are in the works as well. Gaea's Cradle, a Magic: The Gathering card that can easily fetch over $1000.00 in the secondary market for its original printing This card, if genuine,[...]
Target To Resume Selling Pokémon TCG Cards In A Limited Capacity
However, there is a minor catch in this reinstatement of sales. Key art and featured cards from Chilling Reign, the new set from the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and an anticipated set to buy from once Targets begin selling the coveted trading cards. Previously, we covered the news that Target would be halting their sales of sports[...]
Will Retailers Upsell Trading Cards After Target Ends Sales?
This, in turn with big-box stores halting their sales, means the upselling of cards would likely be the new norm as other games would have store owners fumble for the right prices to sell their luxury rectangles of cardstock. Also, Amazon is essentially the last "big-box store" to carry trading cards now, if we wish to[...]
Target retail store, photo credit: Sean Wandzilak /
After "bottlenecking" sales of trading cards, sports cards, and similar, Target has decided to halt in-store trading card sales in their entirety from tomorrow This followed a confrontation in a Target parking lot in Wisconsin over a dispute stemming from sports card purchasing limitations Target told us that "the safety of our guests and our[...]
Target Limits Sale Of Sports, Pokemon And Trading Cards
Target time! Bleeding Cool has noted of late the increase in demand of late for trading cards of all varieties, sports, Pokemon, Magic, and Marvel Superheroes trading card boxes going for thousands on eBay. Courtesy of Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics of Ankeny, Iowa, from his local Target store, comes the news that the chain is[...]
40 Years of Superhero Trading Cards Spotlighted at Heritage
Here's what Heritage Auctions had to say about this huge vintage lot: Comics Trading Cards Credit: Heritage Auctions Comic Related Trading Cards Group (Various Publishers, 1966-95). Includes full sets of Batman Cards (1989) Series 1 & 2 (both unopened), (1992) Premium & Regular, Creator Card Set (unopened), Heroes of the Blues, Pioneers of Country Music, Steranko, a partial[...]
Marvel Full May 2021 Solicits - Heroes Reborn
For reasons unknown to most, the recent boom in sports card sales has carried over into comic book trading cards from the nineties Comic book trading cards, once collected and speculated upon, saw the bottom fall out of the market in the noughties But now, those values are on the rise again A full box[...]
eBay Unveils New Plan Geared Towards The TCG Singles Market
In January of next year, eBay will have the option available of shipping out trading cards for just one American dollar. A promotional image by eBay of what could be in store for buyers and sellers of single trading cards. This is a big deal because as many eBay sellers can tell you, shipping trading cards has[...]
Rick and Morty Season 1 Trading Cards Box
Rick and Morty season 1 trading cards are on their way from Cryptozoic Entertainment The base card set will be 45 cards and will feature scenes from the episodes On top of that, there will be eight different insert sets to collect — character cards, stickers, standees, STR PWR, temporary tattoos, Rixty Minutes, Anatomy Park, and[...]
last jedi
Someone needs to remind Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson (Brick) that when you direct something as huge as a Star Wars film, there's no way you can control everything that's being put out there — so it's probably best not to make "guarantees" that things won't be spoiled. When asked yesterday about the possibility[...]
Project Superpowers Gets Trading Card Set
Dynamite Entertainment has teamed up with Breygent Marketing, Inc to offer the third set of collectible trading cards The first two sets from this pairing, Red Sonja and Vampirella, have both sold out So for their third endeavor they are turning to Project Superpowers. The set includes Sketch Art Cards from: Jay Liesten, Trev Murphy, John[...]
The Comics Trading Card Market Back With A Boom? Or A Bonnet?
Remember the glory days of comic book trading cards? Where every comics publisher was cut and pasting their comics onto pieces of card and making a small fortune Where customers chased chromium like it was platinum And the garbage bins were full of ripped open metallic packets. They're back Marvel titles currently have rather embarrassing ads[...]