eBay Unveils New Plan Geared Towards The TCG Singles Market

Auction website eBay has announced a new way of shipping certain packages that may affect the card game industry in a big way. In January of next year, eBay will have the option available of shipping out trading cards for just one American dollar.

A promotional image by eBay of what could be in store for buyers and sellers of single trading cards.
A promotional image by eBay of what could be in store for buyers and sellers of single trading cards.

This is a big deal because as many eBay sellers can tell you, shipping trading cards has typically been more of a hassle than the practice is worth (and at times more expensive than the goods in the order may be worth as well). As a result of this change, eBay, often cited as having a thriving singles market for trading cards, will be facilitating much more efficient sales thereof. Instead of waiting for a seller to put cards in bubble mailers to be sent out days later than the buyer expects, said buyer can expect that their respective sellers can simply put the card (or cards) in a plain white envelope and mail them out in that way. At the same time, sellers can expect to sell their lower-valued cards with greater efficiency and still have the opportunity to become a "Top-Rated" seller with little-to-no financial difficulty. What's more, eBay's tracking system will still be available for these orders!

Of course, there are limitations on what the program will be able to allow. The single cards cannot weigh more than three ounces in the envelope, and the cards must be ungraded.

Are you a fan of card games like Magic: The GatheringYugioh, the Pokémon Trading Card Game, or the new Digimon Card Game? Do you use eBay, TCGPlayer, or other websites to seek out single cards for your decks or your collection? Let us know what you think of this development in the comments below!

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