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13 reasons why
Through both a feature profile interview with TIME and her own Instagram account, 13 Reasons Why star Tommy Dorfman (upcoming Sharp Stick) proudly came out as a trans woman on Thursday Dorfman says in both posts that the new pronouns she identifies with are "she/her" while sharing editorial photographs of herself in a dress &[...]
The Umbrella Academy returns for season 3 (Image: Netflix)
Don't judge us. The Umbrella Academy returns for season 3 (Image: Netflix) "Trans bb's first swim trunks #transjoy #transisbeautiful," wrote Page in the caption to his Instagram post from earlier today- which you can check out below:   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by @elliotpage With production now underway, viewers were introduced to who Min's Ben has been[...]
A look at RuPaul's Drag Race season 12 finale (Image: VH1).
Last year's quarantine was an interesting time for the iconic drag queen – he did an interview with Terry Gross which caused outrage over fracking on his husband's land, he made a comment that put him at odds with the trans community and then deleted his entire personal online social media presence with zero explanation. The[...]
The Problem With Franklin Richards Never Having Been A Mutant
Zdarsky expressly wrote the story as an analogy to a queer or trans experience, telling Precious Baubles that it was like a "queer kid being raised by leftie super well-meaning parents who will always say they understand but don't understand 100% and they have to find their community elsewhere." He also talked about picking up[...]
Trans History: A Graphic Novel
Combs has sold their debut nonfiction YA graphic novel, Trans History: A Graphic Novel at auction to Andrea Tompa at publishers Candlewick. Written and illustrated from an #OwnVoices perspective, Trans History: A Graphic Novel will be published in 2023 and aims to introduce readers to the history of transgender identities, the transgender rights movement, and what it means to be[...]
Magdalene Visaggio Offers ‘Forthright’ Conversation With JK Rowling
Initially having transphobic retweets dubbed as middle-aged moments, recently she accidentally cut and pasted a news report over a legal case that misgendered the defendant, against court advice to the media Which revealed the kind of material she had been seeking out to read In the past, her comments have been restricted to retweets, likes[...]
Did Transitioning Give Suzie Su Her Powers? Red Hood: Outlaw #43 (Spoilers)
An organised crime figure in Hong Kong, with her own enforcers, she was also one of DC's first trans characters However, she was visually portrayed as a grotesque, a cartoon, and there was considerable criticism of this at the time. But in that first appearance, it appeared that Red Hood, Jason Todd, shot her To death[...]
Give me some rope I'm coming loose, I'm pulling for…The Weekly Static! Welcome back, everybody…glad you could join me again! But before we get ready to trip the light fantastic on the sidewalks of New York… here it is! can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Marlena – Devil 2004 ( So once more with feeling – here's[...]
Howard Chaykin Responds To Controversy
Not just the incredibly graphic cover to the comic's fourth issue, revealed recently as part of Image Comics' September solicits, and the intense backlash and upset that it caused, but also at the start of Pride Month in June when the first issue contained a graphic, sexualised depiction of trans panic violence and the again[...]