Magdalene Visaggio Offers ‘Forthright’ Conversation With JK Rowling

Magdalene Visaggio Offers 'Forthright' Conversation With JK Rowling

Initially having transphobic retweets dubbed as middle-aged moments, recently she accidentally cut and pasted a news report over a legal case that misgendered the defendant, against court advice to the media Which revealed the kind of material she had been seeking out to read In the past, her comments have been restricted to retweets, likes[...]

Did Transitioning Give Suzie Su Her Powers? Red Hood: Outlaw #43 (Spoilers)

Did Transitioning Give Suzie Su Her Powers? Red Hood: Outlaw #43 (Spoilers)

An organised crime figure in Hong Kong, with her own enforcers, she was also one of DC's first trans characters However, she was visually portrayed as a grotesque, a cartoon, and there was considerable criticism of this at the time.But in that first appearance, it appeared that Red Hood, Jason Todd, shot her To death[...]


The Weekly Static S01E14: Murray, Marvel, A "Million" Moms & More!

Give me some rope I'm coming loose, I'm pulling for...The Weekly Static! Welcome back, everybody...glad you could join me again!But before we get ready to trip the light fantastic on the sidewalks of New York… here it is! once more with feeling - here’s a quick reminder about what this is all about: The Weekly Static is[...]

Howard Chaykin Responds To Controversy

Not just the incredibly graphic cover to the comic's fourth issue, revealed recently as part of Image Comics' September solicits, and the intense backlash and upset that it caused, but also at the start of Pride Month in June when the first issue contained a graphic, sexualised depiction of trans panic violence and the again[...]

Image Comics Staff To Attend Trans 101 Webinar And Take Cultural Competency Training

And offering to pay Chaykin and anyone else at Image to attend a Trans 101 webinar Something they say Image Comics publisher has endorsed, is enthusiastic about attending and is urging other to attend They also state that Stephenson has told them the publisher is "seeking out additional cultural competency training".The whole post can be read[...]

ComiXology Pride Month

Celebrate Pride Month With ComiXology

Weaver, Transposes by Dylan Edwards, Duck by Tana Ford and Cavalcade of Boys by Tim Fish.There are whole collections and single issues on sale, many at half price, so ComiXology are providing a broad range of creators and titles celebrating the breadth and depth of queer comics, and all at fantastic deals.Hey, it's new comic[...]

Up-And-Coming LGBTQ Creators To Watch This Pride Month

Certainly, in Iceman he shows a respect for the character but also a respect for the audience, and he crafts a book that is accessible and fun for all readers, LGBTQ or not.If Iceman proves to be the hit it deserves to be, then it can only be a matter of time before we see[...]

"Conversation" Sparked By Second Print Of 'Divided States Of Hysteria'

In a tweet and press release entitled "CHAYKIN’S THE DIVIDED STATES OF HYSTERIA SPARKS INDUSTRY CONVERSATION", Image Comics responded to the controversy raised last week surrounding Howard Chaykin's The Divided States of Hysteria.The use of "conversation" seems a little trite in this instance — while the comic certainly got people talking, it was pretty much all about the[...]

Howard Chaykin And The Trans Image: Obsession With A Theme

We've discussed, seemingly at length, about the controversy surrounding Howard Chaykin's latest work, the Image Comics release The Divided States of Hysteria; its inclusion of graphic trans panic violence, released on the first week of Pride Month and even with the option of a Pride Month variant cover, and Image Comics lack of response or[...]

The Babadook Leaves The World Babashook In First Pride Appearances

The Babadook is a gay icon now. Okay, took me a while to understand this one, but now I am fully behind it. Stemming from a hilarious mistake on Netflix's part, when they wrongly categorised the film as LGBT interest in late 2016, Jennifer Kent's The Babadook slowly built as a meme on the likes […]

A Week In Transphobia In Comics

Early in the week, in fact pretty much kicking it off, came news that Drawn & Quarterly had cancelled a book, Sadbøi, by artist Berliac due to a historic transphobic essay and comments that were brought to light.Now, on new comic day of the first full week of Pride Month, Image Comics released Howard Chaykin's[...]

A Shaky Start Leading To An Enjoyable Read – Alters Volume One Review

The reason was because the series would feature a trans lead character as the focus of this first volume of stories - and the reaction that this was being handled not by a trans creator, but rather by writer Paul Jenkins.I'll admit, I went into reading this series with some trepidation: seeing a trans character[...]

Scott Lobdell Is Writing A New Trans Female Superhero For Aspen Press' No World

You'll recall Scott left facebook a while back due to it becoming "hatebook" and "a race to the bottom." Well he's back on Twitter to talk up the book.In No World, as well as being a team book of characters Iris from Executive Assistant, Miya from Soulfire and supernatural vigilante Dellec, there will be a number[...]

Tales From The Four Color Closet: One Week After Orlando

By Joe Glass A week ago saw the worst mass shooting in American history. To date. I'm sad that I feel I need to add that last bit, but frankly, the phrase 'worst mass shooting in American history' is becoming all too frequently uttered. It was an act of absolute terror. But it was also […]