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dick tracy
The news was revealed in a series of now-deleted tweets by the Tribune Content Agency, which were captured by website io9 before disappearing into the Twitter ether Here's what they said: Due to an unfortunate error on our part, Tribune is sad to announce that there will not be a DICK TRACY comic book series from[...]
WGN Cancels Their Most Watched Scripted Original Series
Why would the next work ax it's highest rated show? Tribune Media president and CEO Peter Kern told THR: After three years of investing in marquee, brand-defining dramas, WGN America has successfully expanded its audience, its reach and its presence in the minds of viewers. In our next phase, we intend to expand our original and unique content[...]
Craig Ferguson May Not Be Leaving Talk Shows, Just Late Night
Craig Ferguson is in talks to do a syndicated talk show for the Tribune stations that will not only be very similar to his existing show, but will even film in the same studio But the show will not be part of the late night circus as it would be slated to run at 7:00[...]