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Disney Pixar Manga For Turning Red's 4*Town in Viz May 2023 Soliicts
And in their April 2023 solicits and solicitations, they lead with a spinoff from Disney/Pixar's Turning Red movie with the fictional boy band 4*Town… DISNEY & PIXARS TURNING RED 4 TOWN 4 REAL MANGA GN VIZ MEDIA LLC FEB231982 (W) Dirchansky (A) KAlfee 4*Town 4 Ever! 4*Townies are hyped to see 4*Town performing their favorite hits live, but how will[...]
Turning Red: New Trailer, Poster, Images, and a Pixar Boyband
Turning Red came out this weekend, and it has caused quite a stir with some parents who think it promotes kids rebelling against their parents However, we here at Bleeding Cool think it promotes something much more important; authentic female friendships It's a trope that teenage girls aren't going to be supportive friends, they aren't[...]
Dear Disney: Give Turning Red, Soul & Luca Limited Theatrical Releases
Most of these were "years after the fact" sequels or live-action remakes, but Pixar's Soul was sent straight to Disney+ at the end of 2020, followed by two more Pixar movies going to Disney+, Luca in June of 2021 and Turning Red in March 2022 As of this month, it has been two years since we've[...]
New Turning Red Posters Shows Off the Many Emotions of Mei
Turning Red is yet another Pixar homerun that truly captures what it feels like to be a thirteen-year-old girl while also remaining empathetic to overprotective parents and not leaning into teen girl cliches. Director: Domee Shi Summary: A 13-year-old girl named Mei Lee turns into a giant red panda whenever she gets too excited. Turning Red Poster[...]
New Turning Red Clip Introduces Our Plucky Heroine
The more footage we see from Turning Red the more it is a shame that we're not getting this movie in theaters Pixar has really gotten the short end of the COVID stick when it comes to theatrical versus streaming releases As of this month, it has been two years since a Pixar movie has seen[...]
Turning Red: BTS Featurette, Poster, and 4*Town's Full Single
While it makes sense why Disney decided to move Turning Red to streaming, even more so when the numbers for Encanto and how it did versus streaming and theatrical release, it's still a shame that we haven't seen a Pixar movie in theaters since Onward This writer has seen Turning Red and while I can't give you my full reaction[...]
New Turning Red Posters Shows Off the Many Emotions of Mei
However, unlike the protagonist of Turning Red, Mei, we didn't turn into giant red pandas when we experienced an extreme emotion We're in the final month before the next Pixar movie [unfortunately] only debuts on Disney+, and they are very much leaning into those extreme emotions Today, they released not one, not two, but eight[...]
Turning Red
We're a little over a month away from the next Disney and Pixar animated feature Turning Red, and it really is unfortunate that it is heading to Disney+ instead of going to the theaters This is the third Pixar project that has skipped a theatrical release altogether and is going straight to streaming for those[...]
Turning Red: New Trailer, Poster, Images, and a Pixar Boyband
Last month, Pixar hosted an early press day for Turning Red where we learned about the behind-the-scenes of the movie, and we got the chance to see about 30 minutes of footage This will be one of those Pixar movies that is really going to hit girls and young women more than anyone else as it[...]
Turning Red
So from a business standpoint, it makes sense that Disney would move Turning Red to Disney+ even if it makes it seem like Pixar is getting the short end of the stick We are getting into the last five to six weeks before the release so the marketing is going to start to pick up[...]
New Poster and Images From Pixar's Turning Red
With the jump from theatrical to Disney+, they released a new poster for Turning Red and four new images that really hammer home how insanely terrible and awkward being thirteen is even when you aren't a person that transforms into a giant red panda. Turning Red Poster © 2022 Disney/Pixar All Rights Reserved. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item[...]
Pixar's Turning Red Will Stream To Disney+ Exclusively March 11th
In a press release sent out by Disney, the studio announced that they would be streaming Turning Red directly to Disney+ on March 11th In the release, they cited the "delayed box office recovery," which is likely going to get worse in the coming weeks as the new COVID variant throws the world into chaos[...]
Turning Red: New Trailer, Poster, Images, and a Pixar Boyband
They have two movies on the books so far; one is Turning Red, and the other is Lightyear. Turning Red is the first one out of the gate, and we got a new trailer, poster, images; and in a press release, Pixar announced that they created their own in-universe boy band for the movie, complete with[...]
Disney+ Day: Feature Length Documentaries on Turning Red and Lightyear
Still, one that makes this writer excited is that Disney will be releasing full-length documentaries on the making of Turning Red and Lightyear on the service next year. Turning Red and Lightyear Keyart © 2021 Disney/Pixar All Rights Reserved. The Lightyear teaser came out last month, and while the concept seems to confuse people, the reactions have been pretty positive[...]
Pixar's Turning Red Comes Out In March 2022, Concept Art Revealed
Turning Red was first shown to the public during the big Disney presentation this past December, and the concept art shown this morning was really the first we have really heard about it since Also of note: it looks like this will be Pixar's return to theaters, after both Soul and Luca debuted on Disney+[...]
Two New Pixar Films: Turning Red, Lightyear W/Chris Evans Announced
The first is an all-new original film titled Turning Red, a story about a 13-year-old girl that, when things get too much, turns into a giant red cat It looks super adorable, and from the description, it sounds like a real home run Domee Shi, who directed the short Bao She now becomes the first[...]