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Old Favorites Return as All Street Fighter V Season 3 Characters Revealed

It was a big night for Street Fighter last night during the Capcom Cup finals. Not only was the impressive looking Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection announced, there are also new things coming our way too. It was announced last night that fan-favorite Sakura was on her way to Street Fighter V. She will launch January […]

My Hero Academia: One Justice Coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

Remember this weird microwave egg tease from Bandai Namco last week? Well, beating the countdown by four days, it's for a My Hero Academia game. Gematsu have translated the next issue of the Weekly Jump, and inside it confirms My Hero Academia: One Justice. It's very light on details, with the only thing further than the title […]

Overwatch Beta Coming This Month

Overwatch has been a little quiet recently, only revealing a new character here and there. The new IP from Blizzard is certainly an interesting prospect though. Soon, some of us will be able to play it too as it's been announced the game is getting a beta on October 27th. To sign up for it, […]

Take A Look At The Pencil Animation For Cuphead

Cuphead has been enamoring people for a long while. Since the game first flashed past our vision two E3s ago as part of the ID@Xbox montage, people have wanted to know more and more about how this game has been made. Well, here is a look at the process. Hand drawn animator Jake Clark has […]

Game Creator Goes Into Details About Recore

Recore was one of the most interesting surprises at Microsoft's E3 press conference. Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune and Metroid Prime creator Armature Studios are working on the Xbox exclusive that's going to bring robots and a whole lot of sand together. We only got a trailer during the conference, but this new video from […]

Mass Effect 4 Won't Take Too Many Cues From Dragon Age: Inquisition

Too often a game's success can turn into a poisoned chalice. When a title does well, it is bound to have imitators close behind. You can also see this osmosis of mechanics in games, even most prominently in a developer and publisher's own titles. "Well it worked that time, so let's do it again." In […]