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Image from Boom. Who is William Schanes? He was the Head of Purchasing at Diamond Distributors He's retired now TL,DNR: He controlled everything we offered comic shops Bill was tough He was unafraid to refuse a product or change your offerings If he did, you couldn't sell it to comic shops, period He had ultimate power[...]
When Ike Perlmutter Gave a Tour Of Marvel Comics
Thankfully in our time of need, William Schanes, formerly VP Purchasing of Diamond Comic Distributors, has complied It seems that it was the 'VP' in Bill's title that stuck in Ike's craw when they met at Marvel's offices back in 1998 William posted to Facebook; When Ike Perlmutter Gave a Tour Of Marvel Comics Screencap from[...]
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William Schanes was the teenage founder of Pacific Comics, the comic store that became a chain, a creator-owned publisher and a comic book distributor before it was bought up by Diamond Comic Distributors in the eighties We recently recapped their distribution history as Eric Stephenson, publisher of their modern-day publishing equivalent Image Comics, has registered[...]
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At the same time, William Schanes became a prominent figure as Vice President for Purchasing at Diamond Comic Distributors, working there full-time for 28 years. Pacific Comics has been trademarked by Eric Stephenson of Image Comics. What's happening now with Pacific? Now we have a trademark registration That is all Pacific has been called the template for Image[...]
ANY move DC or any other publisher makes against the best interests of the Direct Market could be fatal for the entire market." Randy Myers of Collectors Corner, in Baltimore, Maryland added "Agreed, never thought that DC would make a decision less helpful in a crisis than Marvel to the survival of the Direct Market but[...]
March 2020's KIDS GN-of-the-month Club meeting for BUG BOYS with Laura Knetzger!
Most of the low-print books are subs only and that's about the only thing we're going to be selling for the next month or two. William Schanes formerly of Diamond Comic Distribution While historically Brian and I have disagreed more often than agreed on a wide range of topics, I've always felt there was a deep mutual[...]
How Bill Schanes Blagged a Trip to Super Bowl 25 From Marvel Comics
It was a big sacrifice for me but worth it for Diamond. William Schanes I believe you are correct Cue a contrite John O'Loughlin. John O'Loughlin dont I feel like a jerk Tom Stormonth John O'Loughlin I never asked for anything… no problem John I was just reminding Bill about what actually happened. John O'Loughlin My apologies to you both for being so stupid and[...]