AEW Changes Winter is Coming Graphic to No Longer Say "Wangman"

AEW has changed the graphic they've been using to promote Bryan Danielson vs. Hangman Adam Page at Winter is Coming to make clear that it's "Hangman" and not "Wangman" who will be taking on the American Dragon. The original poster used an unfortunate Nordic-looking font with a flourish that made the H look like a W, something we noticed and wrote about earlier this week:

It may sound like it, but we assure you this article is not about a porno. On AEW Dynamite last night, the company announced that the upcoming Winter is Coming special edition of Dynamite, Winter is Coming, will feature a match between Bryan Danielson and the Wangman. The move comes as a surprise considering everyone was expecting Danielson to face AEW World Champion Hangman Adam Page at the event, but here it is, right on the graphic for everyone to see: Wangman vs. Danielson.

Wangman vs. Danielson Set for Winter is Coming Edition of

Although, come to think of it, the Wangman does look an awful lot like the Hangman in that graphic. Maybe this is one of those gimmicks where Hangman gets suspended and then comes back under a new identity? If so, AEW needs to step it up, since the show is just two weeks away.

Though they didn't acknowledge the mistake, AEW did quietly alter the font to remove the flourish for the new graphic they've been using on social media and likely will use on AEW Rampage tonight. Here's what the graphic looks like now:

Well, that's better, if less amusing. Now let's hope AEW avoids any overly-gimmicked flaming table spots at the show and they'll be right back on track for a good night.

AEW Changes Winter is Coming Graphic to No Longer Say "Wangman"

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