AEW Rampage: Brody King Wins Battle Royal for Interim Title Shot

Brody King will challenge Jon Moxley for the Interim AEW Championship on the next episode of AEW Dynamite after winning a battle royal on AEW Rampage on Friday. King and Darby Allin were the last two competitors in a two-ring battle royal that saw the winner of each ring face each other in a match to earn the interim title shot. Though King is unlikely to defeat Moxley for the championship in the latter's first title defense, the pair will still probably be able to deliver a good match, which really, really cheeses The Chadster off.

Also on AEW Rampage on Friday, the Young Bucks defeated NJPW competitors Yoshi-Hashi and Hirooki Goto in a non-title tag team match. The Chadster thought this was a title match when he reported on it his AEW Rampage preview, but Tony Khan probably changed it at the last minute just to SCREW THE CHADSTER OVER, which seems like the kind of thing Tony Khan would do. Tony Khan will stop at nothing to RUIN THE CHADSTER'S LIFE, and making The Chadster look like he doesn't know what he's talking about has a lot of benefits for Tony Khan since The Chadster is the only person in wrestling journalism who isn't on the AEW payroll and says critical things about AEW.

In the main event, Toni Storm beat Nyla Rose, and after the match was over, Thunder Rosa saved Storm from an attack by Marina Shafir. Storm vs. Rose concluded a night of solid wrestling that was, in The Chadster's opinion, just SO UNFAIR to WWE. WWE has a PLE tonight, Money in the Bank, and AEW did their best to overshadow it with the past week of shows, starting with Forbidden Door, continuing to Blood and Guts, and finishing last night on AEW Rampage.

Brody King Set to Challenge Jon Moxley or Interim AEW Championship

If Tony Khan had the slightest bit of respect for the professional wrestling business and everything Vince McMahon has done for it, he would have canceled all of AEW's shows this week and let WWE have their moment, but Tony Khan is so greedy and he had to go all out. And the wrestling fandom is so hypocritical too. Everyone criticized Vince McMahon for repeatedly appearing on television amidst the various scandals he's going through, but Tony Khan was also in a scandal for hugging wrestlers last week, and he let Max Caster joke about it as he rapped his way to the ring during the battle royal Auughh man! So unfair!

Now, thanks to AEW Rampage, The Chadster is in a terrible mood and is going to have to work really hard to get ready for Money in the Bank tonight. Of course, Bleeding Cool TV Editor Ray Flook, who is in cahoots with Tony Khan, probably won't let The Chadster write about Money in the Bank since The Chadster would be honest and unbiased when calling it the greatest PLE in the history of wrestling, so it will probably be one of those other guys who doesn't understand the first thing about sports entertainment, like Ryan Fassett, Jude Terror, or El Presidente.

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