Artificial Season 3: Interactive Twitch Drama Finale Set for Tonight

Artificial, the Primetime Emmy and Peabody award-winning interactive Science Fiction drama series will livestream its season 3 finale this evening on Twitch. The series follows the progress of a group of scientists as they create artificial intelligence in the form of a robot and try to guide its education and evolution towards sentience. The Twitch audience is invited to vote and ask questions that can influence the course of the story, the decisions the characters make, and the decisions the AI makes as well, often changing the direction of the story.

They have even helped create two supporting characters from scratch during the course of the third season. It is a unique and massively ambitious show that has been streamed live every Thursday with sometimes tens of thousands of viewers watching and voting. The livestream will be at 5 pm PST and 8 pm EST tonight. All episodes are archived and can be watched on the shows Twitch Channel.

Artificial: Season 3 Finale of Interactive Twitch Drama is Live Tonight
Tiffany Chu in "Artificial", Twitch

The show raises questions about free will, sentience, and whether Ais can be human. It constantly debates whether an AI can be dangerous and if the experiment should be allowed to continue, especially if there's a possibility of the AI committing murder. In the season finale, Lilith (Tiffany Chu) the robot has escaped her confines and got in a car driven by persons unknown to who knows where. The team scrambles to find out who took her, where she's gone, what she might do, and how much danger everyone is now in. Season 3 has been shot under lockdown conditions. The Twitch audience will be invited to vote on decisions that will drive the direction of the finale tonight.

Artificial: Season 3 Finale of Interactive Twitch Drama is Live Tonight
Still from "Artificial" Season 3 Finale, Twitch TV

The show's producers released a prologue on Youtube ahead of tonight:


Season 3 of Artificial picks up in the wake of the Twitch audience choosing to deactivate the artificially intelligent being known as SV2 aka Sophie (Tiffany Chu) after she became homicidal. The ever-calculating Sebastian (Stephen Chang) and his undisclosed organization seek to start anew by utilizing the technology that Dr. Matt Lin (Tohoru Masamune) first used to build Sophie.

After installing a blank slate consciousness into Sophie's old shell, SV3 aka Lilith (Tiffany Chu) is activated and quarantined to a single home, ruling that zero human physical interaction would be allowed in order to avoid any past mistakes. Sebastian then hires Elle Reynolds (Christy St. John), a wildly idealistic and brilliant cognitive science graduate student, to lead the development of the isolated SV3 to become human in front of a live Twitch audience.

Through this journey, the AI will form relationships with the guilt-ridden ex-podcast host Justin (Justin Lee), the chaotic psychiatrist Dr. Ruby Thatcher (Jennifer Field), the romantic boyfriend Asher (Devon Werkheiser), and many new characters created by the audience themselves in special Worldbuilding episodes that occur every 3rd week of the season. These new audience-created characters include the sly and spiritual Zander Cruz (Dante Basco) and the private investigator Kira Castillo (Alejandra Reynoso).

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