FOX Greenlights Tom Payne's 'Prodigal Son,' Stephen Dorff's 'Deputy,' AI Drama 'neXt' and More

This round of greenlights include cop/serial killer drama Prodigal Son, starring Tom Payne and Michael Sheen; John Slattery’s AI drama neXt; police drama Deputy, headlined by True Detective's Stephen Dorff; and an Annie Weisman/Jason Katims sister drama, based on an Australian format Soap opera-esque Kim Cattrall-starrer Filthy Rich remains in consideration as deals continue to[...]

Mixer is Getting an AI-Powered Feature Later This Month

Microsoft is dropping a new feature into its streaming platform Mixer next month with Mixer Loot, which is an AI-powered way for players to earn in-game content for watching Mixer streams Mixer Loot utilizes the same AI tech as Mixer HypeZone which is designed to detect fun and interesting stream events.Mixer Loot scans streams across[...]

NVIDIA Wins April Fool's With Joke AI Assistant R.O.N.

NVIDIA Wins April Fools With Joke AI Assistant R.O.N.

Like most AI assistants, R.O.N.'s feature set starts out simply with localization in 18 languages, as well as R.O.N.'s ability to optimize your games and provide you with the latest gaming news.But then things jump off the rails Scrolling further down the announcement page, NVIDIA informs you that R.O.N[...]

Katee Sackhoff Talks AI, Bruce Willis, and '2036 Origin Unknown'

She's an animal lover, fiercely protective of her friends, generous, and always a delightful interview.Her most recent film 2036 Origin Unknown is a science fiction tale with a decidedly realistic bent centering on the first manned mission to Mars.Sackhoff plays Mackenzie "Mack" Wilson, a human mission controller who is investigating the deadly failure of the previous mission[...]

Ubisoft's Gaming AI 'SAM' is Launching Worldwide

After launching in Canada back in January, Ubisoft is bringing their gaming assistant AI to the global games market Sam is designed to enrich a players gaming experience by connecting them with their game library, friends, community, as well as most of Ubisoft’s online services.Starting today, Sam is available worldwide in English only and is[...]


Ubisoft is Launching an AI Personal Gaming Assistant, Because Siri Doesn't Know Games

No, they've got an AI "Personal Gaming Assistant" for you, because Siri doesn't know video games and everyone conveniently forgets that Cortana exists on all Windows machines — which is fair I like to forget both of those exist on my various windows and apple devices all the time.Specifically, Ubisoft's gaming assistant Sam will only[...]

Mark Goffman Sets AI Drama 'After On' For CW, Spurlock Series For CBS

Through his overall deal with CBS TV Studios, Goffman has two new projects in development: one based on Supersize Me documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock at CBS; and an adaptation of Rob Reid’s AI-themed novel and podcast After On at The CW.Here are the initial details released for both projects:Untitled Mark Goffman/Morgan Spurlock Project Written by Goffman,[...]

The Machine: Big Ideas On A Small Budget

Whether it’s starting up our computer riddled cars to tablets on the go and computer monitors staring back at us in our workplace before settling down for a nice read on our Kindle at the end of the day, we are surrounded by technology and we can never go back.Multi-award winning British sci-fi thriller (well,[...]

League Of Extraordinary Victors

Victor Mancha Victor Von Doom (Doombot) Victor Shade (Vision) Has a superteam ever have three people with the same Christian name before? No wonder he wants to change it… Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently exhibiting Jason Atomic's Satanic Mojo, inspired by underground comics with work from Atomic, Shaky Kane, Garry Leach and more… […]