Baron Corbin Responds to Hater Wishing He Was Fired from WWE

Yesterday, WWE released 38 people that we know about from their contracts after announcing cutbacks due to the coronavirus pandemic and its resulting shutdown of live sporting events throughout the country. The full list of wrestlers, producers, coaches, referees, announcers, and writers released yesterday includes Zack RyderSarah Logan, Mike ChiodaMaria and Mike KanellisPrimoEpico, RowanDrake MaverickKurt Angle, Karl AndersonLuke GallowsHeath SlaterCurt HawkinsEC3, and Lio Rush.

Baron Corbin is looking pretty proud, courtesy of WWE.
Baron Corbin is looking pretty proud, courtesy of WWE.

In addition, Scott ArmstrongPat BuckAiden EnglishSarah StockShawn DavariBilly KidmanEric YoungLance StormFit Finlay, Mike Rotunda, Rusev, Aiden English, Deonna Purrazzo, No Way Jose, Kendo Kashin, Serena Deeb, Chris Guy, MJ Jenkins, Josiah Wiliams, Jerry Soto, Aleksandar Jaksic, and Andrea Listenberger were also released. One name not on that list is Baron Corbin, and that didn't go unnoticed by at least one hater, who tweeted, "Why did they keep Baron Corbin?? Got rid of lots of talent and kept him? Bunch of trash."

Baron Corbin Responds

Not only did that tweet suggest that Corbin should have been laid off before the others, but it even tagged him directly in the post, making sure he saw it. Corbin was quick to respond, putting the hater in his place. "People like this truly make me sick," Corbin tweeted. "Regardless of your thoughts on me you're wishing someone lost their job. How they feed their families and their livelihood. you need to reevaluate your life."

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So

I may be a bit biased because Corbin is my favorite wrestler, but I'm really glad the King put this hater on blast. These layoffs are no joking matter. Lots of talented people who did nothing wrong lost their livelihoods yesterday. None of them deserved it, and there aren't wrestlers who weren't laid off who deserved it more.

That's not to say there aren't valid criticisms of the layoffs. WWE made this decision despite claiming to have $500 million in cash reserves to weather the crisis, so they made a conscious decision to lay these people off in the middle of a pandemic in favor of keeping their own profits higher. That the move comes the same week a SuperPac run by Linda McMahon was revealed to have pledged $18.5 million to Florida the same day Florida's Governor declared WWE an essential business only looks worse for the company. But wishing WWE fired different wrestlers than the ones they fired does not a valid criticism make.

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