Big Brother Season 23 Episode 21 Recap: A Veto To Remember & Fear

We're now up to the twentieth episode of CBS' Big Brother Season 23 and spoilers are plentiful & heading your way…so turn back now if you don't want surprises and instead read my past article on Sarah Beth's nominations this season on Big Brother. The paranoia and close calls to uncovering the identities within the Cookout alliance came to a boiling point previously, and it looks like that will continue to be the case. While Sarah Beth looked to someone like Derek X as a big target, she herself had one largely pointed at her from many houseguests, they just couldn't make their moves with her in power still. Derek X's mistake in not playing roulette in the High Rollers Room was something unknowingly set to haunt him if he were to lose the veto competition or miss out entirely on playing.

Big Brother Season 23 E21 Recap:
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Meanwhile, Alyssa believed it would be a high possibility for Xavier to go home and stay on the block after he was put on there in Derek F's place. Sarah Beth admitted privately to Claire that the target was not her but someone else, yet not admitting the name, Claire was able to easily deduce it would be Derek X. Revealing the theory to Derek X that he may be the true target, Claire, Tiffany, and Derek X spoke about the threat… which is interesting. What makes that interesting is the many places Tiffany puts herself when it comes to loyalty and alliances, either it'll work for her or it'll come back to haunt her.

Speaking with Sarah Beth, the worried Derek X tried to squash any doubts but ended up not getting many answers he looked for in the process. Realizing how much was unknown, he knew he needed to get his name drawn from the box to play in the veto competition. Before much else, the veto competition players were to be picked. Playing in the game were the two nominees, Claire & Xavier, the HOH Sarah Beth who then picked Azah from the box, Derek F was picked from the box by Claire, and finally, Alyssa was picked from the box by Xavier. The fighting chance that Derek X was hoping for was taken away as he didn't hear his name called out to play. For the competition itself, the yard was decorated like one of those pirate-themed areas of a mini-golf establishment, and honestly, it looked fun. The players went individually, working on setting up large dominoes to knock down one another, specifically with options/directions to go where a punishment or reward domino could be in their way. In the end, it would count to be fast in the setup as well. Alyssa went for the veto mainly, Derek F went for the cash prizes, Azah went for taking Xavier off the block, Sarah Beth had won money previously in a veto competition and so her focus was the veto, Xavier went for the veto to obviously save himself, and Claire went to take herself off as well.

At the end of everyone playing, Derek F won the bigger rewards and Xavier won the power of veto, but all that came at the cost of punishments such as losing all his BB Bucks and being a future third nominee. Before anything could happen, Derek X, with the advice of Tiffany and Hannah, went to Sarah Beth in an attempt at convincing her to put up Hannah and not him, with her believing Claire wouldn't be the one to go home. The Big Brother power of veto ceremony came up and Xavier decided to take himself off the block, honestly, it was expected, and Sarah Beth replaced his spot with Derek X, making his pleas not worth it in the end. Tonight is the eviction ceremony at 8 PM EST. on CBS, so who will go home Claire or Derek X? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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