Bob's Burgers "Heartbreak Hotel-oween" Was Well Worth the Wait: Review

The wait for a new Halloween-themed episode from Bob's Burgers finally ended on the first of November, with the airing of the episode titled "Heartbreak Hotel-oween". A critical eye could be expected when viewing this specific episode, among the animated shows on FOX, given that it's a difficult year already. In my opinion, the critical eye was a method of defense before any opportunity of being let down would occur.

Bob's Burgers 'Heartbreak Hotel-oween' Was Worth The Wait [REVIEW]
Bob, Linda, and Teddy witness the kids' costume. Source: FOX
The odd and fantastic creative energy of this episode was present, from the snail costume the kids attempt to use to steal candy to the fainting spells of Bob when giving blood. The bouncing off one another present when the kids reveal their characters in dialogue is excellent as they explore ghostly stories and moral standards. A familiar voice joined the cast, Lindsey Stoddart, who has voiced characters like Cynthia (Logan's mom), and now voices Dolores, the elderly woman seeking the ghost of her lost lover at a local hotel.

The kids' interaction with Dolores on Halloween is fantastic, and the dichotomy of the urge for Louise to get the candy at a nearby home withheld from her for years is what makes it better. Tina, being the voice of reason in the group, decides that the gang will stay to figure out if Dolores' deceased lover was unfaithful and how exactly he died that night. Now, Bob's Burgers doesn't do any disservice to their fans and shows the fearful journey of Bob who joins Linda and Teddy for the evening.

Bob's history with the sight or discussing of blood isn't fantastic, and in a hilarious way, is looked at in past episodes such as when the kids run a casino in the basement. Bob shows himself as the hot mess he can be, to a hilarious extent, and barely is able to entertain the charity of giving blood like Teddy and Linda are able to. Fantastic characters, excellent puns, and noteworthy costumes make this whole episode worth it.

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