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Bob's Burgers Season 11 Examines Gene, Linda & Gender Roles: Review

In the recent episode of Bob's Burgers entitled, "Mommy Boy", Gene discovers that his mom has accepted an invite away from their Saturday nights together. The episode is directed by Simon Chong, with this being his second time officially as the director for the show, previously working as an assistant director. The previous episode Chong directed was the season 11 opener featuring Bob's journey through dreamland in the family car. Bob's Burgers takes a moment to look at the iconic mother-son relationship of Gene and Linda, giving the audience an inside look into how they uniquely tend to bond with one another.

Bob's Burgers S11 E9 Has Gene Experiencing Separation Anxiety: Review
Gene and Linda have a difficult discussion. Source: Fox

The removal of toxic masculinity, which tends to demonize closer connections between a mother and her son (as long as it remains healthy), gave this episode an important push in the right direction. The themes involved deal with the difficult subject of a mom allowing herself the room to breathe from the identity of only "mom", but it also has an acceptance of discussing independence from that role.

The tradition of a day for Gene and Linda called "Spa-turday" is freshly presented to us and gives us some laughs and appreciation for the close love and connection the duo have for one another. The episode also deals with reversing expectations of gender when Bob attempts to replace Linda's role in the spa evening with Gene. On the other hand, Tina and Louise wish to learn how to fight after viewing a series of discount versions of Rocky films. It's incredibly important and awesome to see Gene and Bob discussing how his mom needs her space to be her own person by going to these meetings.

The supportive nature of the Belcher household is on display, a perfect environment for Gene to healthily admit that it's ok for his mom to be on her own with this. The episode may not have been one of my personal favorites, but not every single one will be. This episode may not have been for me, but it was for sure there for many others and I love that about this show. Let us know what you liked or didn't like about this episode in the comments below!

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