Brock Lesnar Has Strong Words For Younger Wrestling Generations

While he doesn't speak often (certainly not in interviews), WWE superstar Brock Lesnar is not afraid to be blunt and doesn't shy away from voicing his opinion.  Even if his opinion on certain aspects of the wrestling industry would clash with the ideologies of certain fans and certain wrestlers.

Brock Lesnar Has Strong Words For The Young Wrestling Generation
Brock Lesnar on yesterday's The Pat McAfee Show. Image: Screencap.

Appearing in person for an interview with WWE SmackDown commentator Pat McAfee on yesterday's edition of The Pat McAfee Show, Brock Lesnar let his guard down a bit and opened up on a number of topics we previously haven't heard too much from him about.  One of the topics brought up with the notoriously reclusive former UFC Heavyweight Champion was his opinion on the often-asked "wrestling Mount Rushmore" question and who he might put on his?  Lesnar dismissed the idea and made it clear from the jump that he has no interest in such a thing, while he also took it as an opportunity to trash the very idea of wrestling accolades.

"I don't give a f–k if I'm in the Hall of Fame or not. I've done what I did. I don't care if I'm leaving a legacy behind."  While the blunt answer shows he doesn't see the wrestling world the same way many fans and other wrestlers do, Lesnar at least seems to have his head in the right place beyond the business.  "What I do care about is I'm a good person, a good dad, all that stuff.  That's important to me."

Brock Lesnar also spoke about the current WWE locker room compared to when he first started 20 years ago, saying "When I first came up, it was The Undertaker and Steve (Austin) and I could go on and on with the guys.  So now I'm the old bastard walking down the halls.  But I'm looking at these young kids and I don't know?  Someone needs to step up and… get over.  Figure out how to put asses in seats.  Not worry about your next high spot.  Figure out 'how the hell I can be different and how can I make money?'  That's it.  That's the business!"

Lesnar continued about the current generation of wrestlers and what he sees as wrong with their approach.  "The young generation thinks it's if they go out and do a certain move and do it over and over, that's not the business.  There's a good guy and a bad guy.  (EvanderHolyfield and (MikeTyson.  Pitting people against each other and storylines."

Obviously, Brock Lesnar sees the wrestling industry in a very particular way.  He doesn't go for the pomp and honor that a lot of lifelong fans do and he clearly sees it solely as a money-making venture.  And that's fine.  There's been many great and successful stars throughout the history of the wrestling business that see it the exact same way.  So while Lesnar might not be endearing himself to the diehard crowd with these sentiments, at least he's honest.

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