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To make his point, Steve-O references Johnny Knoxville being flipped by a bull – which resulted in head trauma for Knoxville – and a scene he shared with musician/actor Machine Gun Kelly. Image: Paramount Screencaps "It's not fun to watch Knoxville get hit in the head anymore," Steve-O shared with regard to the brain damage that Knoxville[...]
The Prank Panel
And that's where Johnny Knoxville ("Jackass" franchise), Eric Andre (The Eric Andre Show), and Gabourey Sidibe ("American Horror Story" franchise) come in On ABC's The Prank Panel, the trio helps everyday people target family members, friends, and co-workers for high-class shenanigans The all-star panel of "pranxperts" will take viewers behind the scenes as they help[...]
History of the World: Part II: Knoxville on Living Comedic Dream
Among them is Johnny Knoxville, who plays the infamous Russian advisor Rasputin The series spoofs the self-proclaimed mystic as he attempted to treat Czar Nicholas II and his royal family Joining Knoxville, who spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his experiences on the series, were his Jackass castmates and stunt performers in Preston Lacy, Chris[...]
Jackass Forever - Danger Ehren and Dave England Interview
Which is why we respect the fact that Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Wee Man, Danger Ehren & Preston Lacy were honest enough to title their fourth film in the blockbuster franchise Jackass Forever (along with bringing aboard new members Rachel Wolfson, Sean "Poopies" McInerney & Jasper Dolphin) Well, it appears the movie's[...]
Jackass Forever – Wee Man and Preston Lacy Talk Stunts & Not Retiring
And, mind you – in the theatrical release, they did cover Steve-O's junk entirely in bees while Johnny Knoxville giggled from inside a beekeeper suit. Paramount Pictures and MTV Entertainment Studios. Eden: What's it been like aging into the franchise? It seems weird to call it a franchise, but how does it feel doing Jackass after all[...]
WWE SmackDown Recap 3/25:
 Also similar is the ending filled with shenanigans, as Angel hides under the ring and grabs Ricochet's foot, leading to him being counted out. Winner By Count-Out: Humberto Next, we go to a backstage interview with Sami Zayn, who takes joy in thinking of what he'll do to Johnny Knoxville at WrestleMania in their Anything Goes Match. We then go to[...]
WWE SmackDown Recap 3/18: Did Brock Lesnar Get Some Revenge?
 McIntyre is the only great talent involved in this one and he only gets involved at the very end to hit the Claymore for the pinfall. Winners: Drew McIntyre & The Viking Raiders We now get a backstage promo from Sami Zayn, who blames the loss of the Intercontinental title a couple of weeks ago on SmackDown on his WrestleMania[...]
WWE SmackDown Recap 3/11:
 He's truly one of the real good guys in the industry and means a lot to a great many people. The second thing is what the hell was anyone thinking letting a pretty green wrestler do a move like that, much less on the outside?  I know the high-ups in WWE think they're sticking it to Triple[...]
SmackDown Preview 3/11: Well, Let's See What (If Anything) Happens
 But why do that when you can just book a single mid-card match and wing the rest?  Let's see what has to say about tonight's big main event: After Sheamus and Ridge Holland used sledgehammers to completely destroy the ATV that Kofi Kingston got Big E as a birthday present, The Power of Positivity will now transform into potential positive[...]
SmackDown Recap 2/25: WWE Champion Brock Lesnar Unleashed
 He's rocking a gold tux and has the ring decorated as he pats himself on the back. .@SamiZayn is ready to celebrate! #SmackDown #ICTitle — WWE (@WWE) February 26, 2022 Jackass star Johnny Knoxville heads out to the ring to interrupt the party, where he challenges Zayn to a title match at WrestleMania[...]
Jackass Star Steve-O Tested Positive For COVID At The Royal Rumble
 Steve-O joined his Jackass Forever co-stars at WWE's big annual event last Saturday to support Johnny Knoxville, who wrestled in the 30-Man match  But it turns out that WWE is in fact taking this whole COVID-19 pandemic seriously (at least at the moment) and tested all of them as soon as they arrived and that's where[...]
Cesaro Shares His Disappointment In Not Being In The Royal Rumble
 This became clear again this past Saturday night at the WWE's annual Royal Rumble event when Cesaro was perplexingly left out of the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match, which felt lacking in interesting or fan-favorite stars like him, while they made sure to include cameoing celebrity entrants such as Jackass Forever's Johnny Knoxville and rapper Bad Bunny[...]
Johnny Knoxville Zaps WWE's Sami Zayn At "Jackass Forever" Premiere
If you've been watching WWE SmackDown lately, you'll of course know there's been an ongoing feud between the brand's resident goofball Sami Zayn and Jackass Forever star Johnny Knoxville  Zayn took umbrage with Knoxville entering this past Saturday night's Royal Rumble match and tried turning the tables on him by creating his own silly stunt show, InZayn, which predictably backfired[...]
SmackDown Recap 1/21:
 You never leave any doubt as to where you fall on the decency/political spectrum. And now it's time for Sami Zayn to make an idiot of himself without actually wrestling as he continues his war against Jackass Forever star Johnny Knoxville  Zayn says he's going to recreate the stunt that made Knoxville famous, where he'll test self-defense weapons on himself. Sami…#SmackDown[...]
SmackDown Recap 1/15: Setting The Stage For The Royal Rumble
14, 2022 ( We now head backstage where Naomi confronts Sonya Deville to keep maybe the weirdest and most nonsensical "rivalry" in WWE today going. "You come waltzing in my office with your main character vibes, when everyone knows you're just an extra." – @SonyaDevilleWWE #SmackDown @NaomiWWE — WWE (@WWE) January 15, 2022 Sami Zayn now heads out, where he[...]
SmackDown Preview 1/14: Roman Reigns Will Confront Seth Rollins
 Plus Sami Zayn promises to "out-Jackass" his recent rival and Royal Rumble entrant Johnny Knoxville in his own stunt show, while Aliyah will make her SmackDown singles match debut against veteran Natalya. #UniversalChampion @WWERomanReigns and his #RoyalRumble challenger @WWERollins come face-to-face TONIGHT on #SmackDown, 8/7c on @FOXTV! — WWE (@WWE) January 14, 2022 To catch all of the action, tune in to WWE[...]
Jackass Forever Final Trailer Before Feb 4 Cinema Release
But Jackass Forever will finally be in theaters (barring something crazy and unexpected happening, like an angry wombat ransacking all the world's popcorn, forcing all cinemas to shut down again), and come February 4; the world will be a little brighter of a place as it's once more filled with the gleeful echoing of Johnny[...]
SmackDown Recap 1/7: The Road To The Royal Rumble Has Begun
 His attention is drawn to Johnny Knoxville though and he lectures Knoxville about entering the Royal Rumble match and how it's a bad idea. * twangy guitar riff *#SmackDown @SamiZayn @realjknoxville @jackassworld — WWE (@WWE) January 8, 2022 Sami Zayn vs Rick Boogs Boogs continues to impress me here, mixing his powerful strength and technical abilities with some serious[...]
PeTA is Back on their Bullsh*t, Claims Jackass Forever Breaks Law
Of particular beef in the letter is a stunt where a bull charges Johnny Knoxville. Jackass Forever Credit Paramount Sources close to the production who were on set for the day the bull stunt was filmed note that the final take of the bull stunt that appears in the film was a re-do; the first bull was[...]
Jackass Forever Trailer Drops, Jackassery Commences October 22nd
Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Wee Man, Danger Ehren, and Preston Lacy are all back, and new Jackasses Jasper, Rachel Wolfson, Sean "Poopies" McInerney, Zach Holmes, and Eric Manaka will debut, along with other people and celebrities I am sure The film is directed by Jeff Tremaine, and while the trailer may start[...]
Jackass 4 Star Steve-O Updates on Movie Production
According to his report, on the second day of filming, both stars Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville were hospitalized during an incident where they hopped on a full-speed treadmill with band equipment (specifically, a "f*cking tuba"). Honestly, if that update isn't cause for hype, I'm not sure anything will hype you up for Jackass 4 Despite several[...]
Jackass Needs More Spin-Offs in 2021 (Images: ViacomCBS)
Now, the new Jackass movie is sort of in production (thanks, COVID-19), but that's just the guys back and doing the same hilarious stunts, which I'm all for…But what about letting Johnny Knoxville and the crew spend some time with their few remaining unbroken bones? So, that's where I come in: I'm "Eden Tennessee," and this[...]