Chris Hardwick Promises 2-Hour Talking Dead Following Season Premiere With "About 20 Cast Members"

Reported by Bleeding Cool's Ray Flook:

Chris Hardwick of Talking Dead
Chris Hardwick of Talking Dead

Among other announcements at the panel for AMC's The Walking Dead at New York Comic Con 2017, Talking Dead host and founder of the Nerdist Chris Hardwick made a grand promise for this year's premiere of The Walking Dead on October 22nd.

Accompanying the premiere of Season 8 on AMC will be a special two-hour Talking Dead hosted by Hardwick with "about 20 cast members," he said.

Talking Dead is a lounge after-the-show show with a panel of three to four guests made up of TWD cast members, producers, crew, or fans of the show who talk about the most recent episode and speculate on the future of the show. They also usually have an exclusive clip for the next episode for the audience. So a 20-member panel sounds like quite the ambitious undertaking for Hardwick and company.

Promo for Walking Dead Season 8
Walking Dead Season 8

He didn't announce who will participate yet, but one could assume that most if not all the main characters of the current series will show up, such as Andrew Lincoln, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Danai Gurira, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohen, and Chandler Riggs, among others, obviously. He said cast members, but one would presume that executive producer Greg Nicotero may show up, too. Maybe Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman himself will join in on the fun.

This should be a pretty cool event; Hardwick is an entertaining nerd personality in the Hollywood-sphere, and The Walking Dead cast has historically been up for his antics and game for whatever their increased notoriety due to the show entails. Talking Dead is generally a fun fan show for the those who follow the zombie-infested politics of Walking Dead.

As previously stated, The Walking Dead will return October 22nd on AMC, and this super-sized Talking Dead will air immediately after the episode.

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