DC FanDome Lucifer Panel: The Tale of the Musical & Tom Ellis' Crotch

In honor of Netflix's upcoming musical episode of Lucifer, DC FanDome dedicated a panel for a discussion of its concept and execution. Director Sherwin Shilati, along with producers/show-runners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, sit along and chat Lucifer for us. The panel started off with a little sneak-peek of the upcoming musical to "Another One Bites the Dust." I mean, if I melted over Tom Ellis before, now we are about to catch fire as he busts out some moves and gets the Miley twerk on him from Lauren German, which according to Shilati and Modrovich, was completely improvised.

DC FanDome Lucifer Panel the Tale of the Musical and Tom Ellis' Crotch
Lucifer key art. Credit: Warner Bros./Netflix

According to Modrovich, the idea blossomed after the Vegas episode of Lucifer, where Ellis and Aimee Garcia did Frank Sinatra's "Luck Be a Lady." Henderson added it was always his dream to do a musical without having to do the hard part, which Modrovic and Shilati worked on. Shilati then asked what it was like on the production/post-production of a project like this one. Henderson laughs and kicks back, saying he did not know; on her end, Modrovich sates, "we almost broke our show." They had to create a completely separate schedule to track all the rehearsals for music, for dancing, recording sessions.

When asked what was the feeling after getting approved for a musical after many years of hoping for it. Henderson answered that the challenge was finding an element that could be introduced that organic to the show to give the whole cast a chance to break into song. However, they refused to give up any information as to what that element could be, only saying it was genius. Modrovich stated this time, they brought the Lucifer cast together and gave them a choice to pick what they actually felt comfortable doing, and it seems most of the cast picked both singing and dancing.

After being asked to confirm if Ellis' suit was made especially for the episode with elastic, Modrovich stated yes, it was. It had elastics on the armpit and crotch areas to give room to raise the arms and kick. However, it seems Ellis' still tore the crotch area of his suit. Henderson then asked Shilati about the most challenging part of this project; Shilati says the finale of the episode as he wanted it to have a special "stand-alone quality" but "not for the reasons the audience might think." He then added the final number because it has so much going on, but nothing at all– Hendersons teases it is a beautiful duet. The panel ended with a blooper reel that left me so pumped for the next season of Lucifer.