Did Charlotte Flair& Nia Jax Shoot On Each Other Last Night?

So on last night's latest shitty episode of WWE Raw, we were presented with another bad match in the long and storied history of bad matches featuring Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair taking on WWE's Bret Hart of bad matches, Nia Jax.  And as is par for the course, Jax was sloppy and botches a number of spots, including two different moments where she dumped Flair unevenly on her head or the side of her shoulder.  What was different last night though, was that Flair appeared to be having none of it and noticeably gave Jax some "receipts".  So did was this just another crappy Nia Jax match to add to her infamous legacy, or did this one turn into a shoot?

Did Charlotte Flair And Nia Jax Shoot On Each Other Last Night?
Charlotte Flair vs Nia Jax on the 8/30 episode of Raw, courtesy of WWE.

We've seen Nia Jax hurt other wrestlers before, including Charlotte Flair (I was in attendance at an episode of Raw a few years ago where Jax dumped Flair so poorly on her shoulder that they had to end the match prematurely).  But last night, when Jax started veering into Shitsville with her wreckless slams and drops, the whole temperament of the match changed.

Charlotte Flair was noticeably pissed after a botched slam by Nia Jax and after taking a moment to compose herself, responded by repeatedly slapping Jax in the face and throwing her to the mat, where she clearly close-fisted punched her in the head with full contact.  Jax looked genuinely shocked after these moments and fans watching, including WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, thought we were witnessing something that had gone off the rails.

After that awkwardness, the match was quickly brought home with Nia Jax hitting a pretty out of nowhere sloppy powerbomb and pinned Charlotte Flair.

So what happened?  Was it indeed a match that got out of hand and turned into a shoot or was this something else?

Well, here's Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio this morning letting everyone know what he was told about last night's spectacle.

"They weren't fighting, the way I heard — I don't know, it was a mess, it was terrible — I've heard people say that they were trying to work a shoot and that's why it looked so terrible, but whatever, I mean whatever, it was a really bad match… Nia looked really bad in that match, and I guess this is the new program for Extreme Rules."

I don't know what happened last night and honestly, it seems like whoever Meltzer spoke to doesn't either.  The result is the result though; it was an ugly-looking situation and yet another blemish on Nia Jax's controversial career.

If you didn't catch Raw last night (and going by recent ratings, you probably didn't), take a look at some of the match below and judge for yourself.

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