Drag Race Season 4 Goes Big Time: RuPaul Quaran-stream Rewatch

Welcome back to my fabulous quarantine eleganza extravaganza! RuPaul's Drag Race keeps getting wilder and more intense season after season, and we're only on the fourth one. Hold on to your charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, because this is the most dramatic season full of scandal and tea yet. The library is open, bitches, so let's get reading.

This season saw a drag race first: the very first disqualification in the show's history. Willam was sent packing in episode 8 for "breaking the rules", though it's never specified exactly what he did. When the one and only Leslie Jones (Saturday Night Live) was live-tweeting her watch of the series, Willam replied with the tea, the real tea (but not the whole tea). He listed by episode all the problems he had when he was on the show, but suspiciously the list of grievances cuts off before episode seven. He does mention some things about pre-booked flights in episode eight, so I wonder if there was some kind of behind the scenes friction in regards to his run in a musical, though that's purely speculation.

Drag Race Season 4: RuPaul Quaran-stream Rewatch

Now, in the reunion episode, he did say the rule he broke was sneaking his husband into his hotel room, which he since said was a line the producers made him say. So is anyone else wondering what he really did? We'll likely be wondering for a while, but I'm still curious. I've got my popcorn on standby and everything! As The Princess said, "If I were more of a character like Willam, they probably would have kept me around longer," which makes me think that the producers kept him around because he was caustic and annoying and constantly reminding everyone that he's a real Hollywood actor.

On Drag Race, Realness is Rewarded and Ego is Overflowing

Least favorite contestants aside, this season has some of the best contestants with the biggest personalities. Chad Michels is probably one of my all-time favorites alongside Miss Congeniality Latrice Royale, Kenya Michaels, Jiggly Caliente, Madame LaQueer, and of course, season winner Sharron Needles. I swear I could watch Chad Michaels perform as Cher for the rest of my life and my heart would always be happy, but that's neither here nor there. I'm incredibly glad that Sharron won this season – it proves that Ru isn't just looking for the same tired-ass pageant queens, but really values a queen with versatility and their own developed style. This makes me absolutely thrilled I don't have to wait for Alaska's season, as there was a lot of mention of her on account of her being Sharron's boyfriend.

In other news, Phi Phi O'Hara is annoying – nearly as annoying and fake as Willam, especially in the reunion special. Phi Phi setting up Jiggly with reverse psychology and getting in her head in the "drag-azine" challenge was beyond not okay and hearing her admit and half-ass apologize for it was more than a little weak. I'm glad to see Phi Phi called out for that though. She is young, as the illustrious Chad Michaels did admit, but I still don't think that offers her (or anyone) a free pass on being a conceited bitch. Have a slice of humble pie and a seat please, honey.

This was probably one of the most dramatic seasons so far in a show where the contestants and seasons keep getting more dramatic and over-the-top than the last, and I am here for it. Mostly what I enjoy about that is the more grounded, seasoned queens just rolling their eyes at all these kids and their shenanigans. Though I do love me some shenanigans. Next up: season five! Viva Alaska Thunderf*ck 5000, bitches!

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