Dragon Con 2022 Cosplay Gallery Day 1: Wednesday, Peacemaker & More

Dragon Con is not your typical convention – happening annually over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, its hallmark is the top-tier cosplay and themed events created by fans. It's a giant nerd party / Halloween party / extrovert geek heaven spread out over five main host hotels as well as the America's Mart, all in the heart of the city. Though operating in a reduced capacity for the past couple of years due to the pandemic, in prior years, Dragon Con has attracted upwards of 80,000 guests over the course of the 3 day holiday weekend. The convention is famous for costumes and cosplay, with the con being the first to host a masquerade, which is not a formal ball with masks and fancy dress; it's a convention staple costume contest where participants are judged not only on the costumes, but on a skit, the groups (or individual, depending on the category) perform on stage.

Dragon Con Cosplay Gallery Day 0 - Thursday, Sept 1
Image: E. Arnold

The costumes (or cosplay) span across all aspects of television, film, comics, podcasts, and general pop culture. Anything goes at this convention – creativity isn't limited to franchises or properties that the con has guests from; the cosplay is an expression of love from fans of all ages, backgrounds, and fandoms. From Historical French court gowns to Amazon Halloween costumes to "Star Wars" droids, nothing is out of place or not welcome under the all-encompassing tent of Dragon Con – even geeky Playboy bunny costumes!

There are parties and events happening 24/7 for the run of Dragon Con, but taking things one day at a time is a good idea. Here are some of the fantastic costumes to come out of the first day (aka "day zero") of the convention.

(ED. NOTE: With all of the running around that goes on, it's tough to get names/social media contacts for the folks kind enough to let us grab a quick photo for our galleries. Please hit us up in the comments section below to let us know who you are in the gallery, and feel free to tag/share. The cosplaying community is one of the key foundations to why events like these are successful, so we want to make sure that message is getting out there.)


Dragon Con is happening now through Labor Day in downtown Atlanta across five hotels. Keep checking here on Bleeding Cool for party and event recaps and, of course, more cosplay galleries from each day of the con.

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