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Dresden Files, Preacher, Alphas & More TV Shows Deserving Your Respect

Here's why The Dresden Files, Preacher, Alphas, Happy!, and Dollhouse deserve much more respect (and proper series finales, too).

We all can agree there have been gems out there that have deserved much more respect than they received – some even deprived of the decent respect that comes with a series finale to help tie up loose ends. What followed is a selection of shows I personally believe deserved so much more. I mean, we all have encountered our own "Firefly" over the year – I will not even go into my thoughts on "Twin Peaks" and its return because that would be a whole post in itself. Here are five shows that still hit my soul when their finales hit: Preacher, Dollhouse, Happy!, Alphas, and The Dresden Files

dresden files
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Happy!, Dollhouse, Alphas, Preacher & The Dresden Files Deserve Love

"Happy!" – This was a fantastic show complete with great writing and visuals. I mean, who would have thought imaginary friends could be so depraved and cute and also look so great on screen? I wish we had gotten more of Happy!, it definitely left a great setup to continue the story. I was deeply committed to the family, not going to lie. I think this show portrayed the effects of trauma so well for all characters involved.

"Dollhouse" – Another fantastic gem I got to way after it had ended. Granted, touching up on this subject is pretty iffy considering its creator, but it is a show I have never been able to get out of my head since watching it. I know I have a bias toward Eliza Dushku (Echo), but the whole cast is formidable. Not to mention the characters and stories within just keep you watching until you have finished the whole show. I think it is one of those shows that hit home in my soul in every possible way imaginable. The story, the writing, and the characters were just phenomenal all throughout.

"Alphas" – Much like Sheldon in The Big Ban Theory, I agree that Alphas was unfairly treated. It left us with the cliffhanger of the century, and we will never find out what happens to any of the characters we faithfully followed during the show's length. It was way ahead of its time, and man, did it keep me watching and screaming at the screen whenever it was on. It will always have one of the scenes that forever resides in my head and chills me to the bone: a character that secreted a type of pheromone when in danger that would make everyone around begin fighting. That scene on the train will forever haunt me. I would love to give it a rewatch and refresh my memories of its greatness, but I have a feeling it will just make me mad it was not given a decent end.

"Preacher" – Yes, Preacher got an ending, but did it really? It felt as if they were told last minute that the last season would be the last, and they had to rush a finale with the characters we had fallen for. I think Jesse (Dominic Cooper), Tulip (Ruth Negga), and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) deserve a much better ending. I think I would have preferred seeing them run off into the sunset as a team rather than the brokenhearted future I was left with. They were a peculiarly great trio I would've loved to have seen more of. That said, it was a fantastic show and so well-written I could have watched 20 seasons of it… with a crush on Cooper having nothing to do with this.

"The Dresden Files" – This one hits especially deep for me as the book series is one of my all-time favorites. I came to the books and show pretty late, around 2007 – before White Night came out. I had been dared by my online book friends to read all the books in 10 days. I did and fell in love that week. The writing, the characters, and the story just hit on everything that appeals to me. I think the show had recently ended on TV, and I preordered the DVDs to catch up. I do not care what anyone says: I enjoyed it a lot. I tend to be a fan of procedurals once you add a supernatural undertone to it (or Matt Bomer or Nathan Fillion, but I digress…). I wish we would have gotten more of Harry Dresden on screen, I still wish to see a reboot on a streamer at some point— It is definitely one of those book series just made to be a show.

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