Ex-WWE Superstar Enzo Blasts Media, Calls for US to Reopen

Finally, the former WWE Superstar formerly known as Enzo Amore has weighed in on plans to reopen the country during the coronavirus pandemic. Enzo took to Twitter to lash out at the Washington Post for an article advocating the continued use of masks, perhaps even after the pandemic ends. "NO NO NO NO!!!!! Wtf is happening!? AMERICA STAND THE F UP! 🤬" Enzo tweeted. "@washingtonpost YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! 🖕🏼!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE WANTS AN AMERICA FOR THEIR CHILDREN THAT HAS THEM WEARING MASKS!?!? YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK #MaskOffAmerica #Future #DontLetThisShitSlide." "OPEN AMERICA," Enzo followed up in another tweet, adding, "This is sickening."

Enzo Amore returns from injury to RAW, courtesy of WWE.
Enzo Amore returns from injury to RAW, courtesy of WWE.

This isn't Enzo's first foray into the political realm. Enzo has previously expressed distrust in the information the media has delivered about the pandemic, tweeting, "The virus is very real, the information we are receiving regarding it thou… we ain't gettin it." Enzo has also expressed interest in the past in debating Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. He's also tweeted in April, "When's The Rock gunna hit Joe Biden w/ the people's elbow," and blasted CNN for promoting the Biden agenda. "@cnn y'all some click bait headline grabbin ass ppl: Ya make me feel like I'm watching the hunger games. Truth or dare?" Enzo tweeted. "Well, Seeing as that Truth is out of the Question , I dare one of your actors, I mean anchors, not to wear make up. F*** Sleepy Joe, let one of them women run." He followed up, "This guy couldnt put together a sentence last week. Im sure you could find a bright enough woman on that list to spew some truth on stage, just stay off the political grid. I'd rather hear Cardi B over Sleepy B for entertainment, @CNN keep the opinion journalism in 2016 LFG."

Could we one see the Realest President in the Room? Badabing, badaboom. One can only hope. And to be honest, it couldn't be worse than our current options.

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