Exclusive Interview With Luke Cage's Mike Colter: Defenders Won't Focus On Race As Much As Luke Cage Did

Mike Colter

Bleeding Cool's Kaitlyn Booth landed an interview with Luke Cage's Mike Colter at The Defenders panel at San Diego Comic-Con today.

Kaitlyn opened up the interview with a question about whether or not Defenders will handle race in the same way as Luke Cage did.

Mr. Colter explained, "There is always some of that underlying tension." While he's not "every black person," he represents something that "society has been striving to create — a fully fleshed-out person; a fully fleshed-out human being who happens to be black."

Next up: what was the most unexpected result of being a part of the Marvel Universe?

He answered that the lack of anonymity, while not the most unexpected thing, is the result that is the most noticeable to him. Suddenly, "Everyone knows who you are." He doesn't think that it's a bad thing, though. "It's just different."

Finally, what kind of hero is Luke Cage trying to be as a part of the Defenders?

According to Mr. Colter, he is trying to "be the leader of a community, he's trying to change Harlem." He's trying to rebuild that community and "trying to bring attention back to Harlem…it's such a historically significant place." He says that it needs to be brought back up, and Luke Cage hopes to accomplish that.

You can watch the full interview down below, and it goes into more detail than my description can hope to accomplish. His answers are really thorough and well thought-out.

Something of a funny side note: when Krysten Ritter gets closer and starts talking to a fan, her voice almost drowns out Colter's. But it isn't bothersome — it's actually really endearing to hear how excited she gets when talking to fans.

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