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WWE Crown Jewel Recap – Edge & Seth Rollins Steal The Show
 Vega eventually hits a Code Red Powerbomb to get the pinfall and win the tournament. 👑 QUEEN ZELINA! 👑@TheaTrinidad makes history at #WWECrownJewel! #QueensCrown — WWE (@WWE) October 21, 2021 Winner and Queen's Crown Tournament Champion: Zelina Vega Zelina Vega wins the Queen's Crown Tournament, courtesy of WWE. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Zelina Vega dons[...]
Goldberg vs. Bobby Lashley Officially Set for WWE SummerSlam
WWE may be cleaning out their roster lately due to "budget cuts," but they've still got enough money left to hire Goldberg to co-main-event SummerSlam this year Goldberg and Bobby Lashley will officially face off for Lashley's WWE Championship on Sunday, August 21st, in a match sure to last minutes and hopefully end without anyone[...]
WWE Raw: Goldberg to Answer Lashley's Answer to Goldberg's Challenge
The median age of WWE Superstars on WWE Raw is set to go up on Monday as Goldberg returns to answer Bobby Lashley's answer to Goldberg's challenge next week Lashley has dominated challenger after challenger on WWE Raw since winning the WWE Championship, but he's apparently afraid of a 54-year-old man who can't wrestle a[...]
Goldberg Is Coming Back To Face Bobby Lashley At SummerSlam. Yay…
It turns out Bret Hart's favorite wrestler of all time, Goldberg, will be returning as soon as next week on Raw to challenge WWE Champion Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam. Goldberg is to return on next week's Raw and challenge Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam, courtesy of WWE. Fightful Select is saying that Goldberg will indeed be crashing the party at the American Airlines[...]
Dolph Ziggler to Wrestle Goldberg, Not Shawn Michaels, at WWE SummerSlam
WWE will release two new documentaries on the WWE network this week, one that breaks new ground for the company by exploring the world outside Sports Entertainment, and another that gets to the bottom of a mystery that has intrigued WWE fans for the last four years: Goldberg's poop schedule The former WCW star revealed[...]
Goldberg is interviewed by paid WWE shill Ryan Satin.
No, comrades, I am here to talk a man whose undefeated streak in the wrestling ring mirrored my own undefeated streak in winning elections in my socialist dictatorship: Bill Goldberg. Goldberg is interviewed by paid WWE shill Ryan Satin. Goldberg was interviewed by Ryan Satin, a man who is paid to kiss WWE's ass, on Fox Sports[...]
Goldberg challenges Drew McIntre over a promo McIntyre never actually cut on WWE Raw.
WWE apparently messed up the ending of the first Raw of 2021 when the show ran long and the ending had to be rushed, resulting in an incoherent challenge from Bill Goldberg in response to comments made by Drew McIntyre about WWE's legends that Goldberg interpreted as disrespectful The only problem is, McIntyre didn't make[...]
Goldberg wants a piece of Roman Reigns... but he has to stop pooping first.
Former WWE and WCW Champion Bill Goldberg has called out current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns The two were originally supposed to face off at WrestleMania earlier this year, but the coronavirus pandemic interrupted those plans Now that Roman has returned to the ring, Goldberg is looking to finally settle the score, according to comments[...]
Dolph Ziggler to Wrestle Goldberg, Not Shawn Michaels, at WWE SummerSlam
WWE star Bill Goldberg has made the mature and reasonable decision to walk back comments he's made in the past about how people shouldn't wrestle over the age of 40 What made Goldberg change his mind? He wrestles, and he's over 40 The 53-year-old former WCW star who claims to poop twenty times per day[...]
Goldberg Spears Wyatt 4 times: WWE Super ShowDown 2020 (WWE Network Exclusive)
Matt Riddle is at it again, trashing former WWE Universal Champion Bill Goldberg In a new interview with Sportskeeda, Riddle, who has had heat with Goldberg in the past, was asked what he thought of Goldberg's most recent run In that run, Goldberg defeated Bray Wyatt in a squash match to win the Universal Championship,[...]
wrestlemania 36
After the WrestleMania 36 rumors of Roman Reigns dropping out of the Universal Championship match against Goldberg were confirmed, WWE gave us our replacement; Braun Strowman This seems like a cheap cop out, but ok Fine I'm sure this will be a quick match With almost no build up between the two, it's hard to[...]
WWE SmackDown
The Miz & John Morrison: SmackDown, March 20, 2020 ( The show ended with Goldberg and Roman Reigns signing their match contract for WrestleMania, which while fine and dandy, had to go up against Miz and Morrison dressed as bacon. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Roman Reigns and Goldberg sign the dotted line: SmackDown,[...]
Bray Wyatt Drops WWE Universal Championshop to Up-and-Comer Who Can Use the Rub
That's right, Goldberg has defeated The Fiend at WWE's Saudi Arabian blood money event Super Showdown, winning the Universal Championship and becoming a four-time world champion It's unclear at this time whether Goldberg gave himself a concussion by smashing his head against his locker room door in the Saudi heat and forgot he was supposed[...]
Dolph Ziggler to Wrestle Goldberg, Not Shawn Michaels, at WWE SummerSlam
Fans watching Dolph Ziggler's recent segments on WWE programming may have been thinking it was all building to a match between Ziggler and WWE Hall-of-Famer Shawn Michaels, but it looks like it's Hall-of-Famer Bill Goldberg that will face the Show Stealer at SummerSlam later this month According to Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer, and all of[...]