Kim Kardashian West Got Kanye West a Rick and Morty Birthday Card

Rick and Morty has a very famous fan, and isn't who you'd expect. When the show was renewed for 70 additional episodes, Kanye West took to Twitter, saying he was happy and that it's his favorite show.

We'll give you a moment to process that Kanye West watches Rick and Morty, so let's move on.

That was back in May. Today is West's birthday, and he got a shoutout from the official Twitter account of his favorite show.

Then, because this story couldn't get any more weird or hilarious, it turns out that wife Kim Kardashian West took advantage of her fame to score her husband a very unique birthday card.

No one really knows what to make of that aside from just nodding and saying "well, that's a thing that happened." Zen Monkey Studios, who make a lot of official Rick and Morty merchandise, probably described it best.

So, Kim reportedly dyed her hair pink because she loves watching anime, and Kanye watches Rick and Morty. Are the Wests secret nerds?

It wouldn't be the weirdest thing that's happened in 2018 (but it's up there).

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