Krapopolis: Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry & More Join Dan Harmon Series

A little more than two months after Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon (Community) & Fox Entertainment-owned animation studio Bento Box Entertainment's new animated series Krapopolis named Jordan Young (The Simpsons, BoJack Horseman) as showrunner and an executive producer, some familiar names are joining the voice cast. Hannah Waddingham (Ted Lasso), Richard Ayoade (I.T. Crowd), Matt Berry (What We Do In The Shadows), Pam Murphy (Mapleworth Murders), and Duncan Trussell (The Midnight Gospel) have joined the voice cast, with the animated series to debut some time in 2022.

Image: FOX TV

Set to premiere in 2022, the series takes viewers on an animated journey back in time to mythical ancient Greece as a mix of humans, gods, and monsters try to make a go of running one of the world's first cities- without killing each other. Ayoade voices the mortal son of a goddess and benevolent King of Krapopolis, Tyrannis, who is trying to make do in a city that lives up to its name. Bery has been tapped to voice Tyrannis' father, Shlub, a mantitaur (half centaur [horse + human], half manticore [lion + human + scorpion]). Oversexed and underemployed, Shlub claims to be an artist and has literally never paid for anything, in any sense of that word, for his entire life. Waddingham's Deliria is Tyrannis' mother, goddess of self-destruction and questionable choices. Within her extended Olympian family – forged in patricide and infidelity— she's known as the trashy one. Murphy's Stupendous is Tyrannis' half-sister, daughter of Deliria and a cyclops. Finally, Trussell's Hippocampus is Tyrannis' half-brother, offspring of Shlub and a mermaid, and, obviously, a hot mess, biologically speaking.

With Bento Box Entertainment set to produce, Harmon's animated series will be breaking new ground with Krapopolis serving as the very first animated series to be curated entirely on Blockchain and Fox and Bento Box enter the NFT business. So what does all of that mean for the viewers? It means that Krapopolis will have its own dedicated marketplace where a range of digital goods will be available to fans- ranging from NFTs of one-of-a-kind characters, scenes, and background art and GIFs, to tokens that can be purchased that will open exclusive social experiences for what we're assuming, would be the hardcore fanbase. "We have a Fox Entertainment fully owned and financed animated show from Dan Harmon at the top of his game that Bento Box will produce, and it will be ours for the broadcast network and to stream on Tubi," Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier said at the time of the series' greenlight. "The series also is the first to move forward under our broadcast direct model."

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