Motherland Fort Salem Season 1 Episode 3 A Biddy's Life Spoiler Review

The latest episode of Freeform series Motherland: Fort Salem was pretty intense. Throughout the episode we get to find out more about the power structure within the witches. We learn that there are male witches as well, including the Spree. This episode also introduces the viewers to other parts of the witches' culture and activities. "A Biddy's Life" held my interest and did a nice job deepening and expanding the show's universe, even if it did have me cringing at times.

It was interesting to see the different power structure within this matriarchal society. There was one tradition in particular that made a tad uncomfortable all throughout. It seems they bring guys to the school for the witches in training to interact with and get involved with in any manner they see fit. It was an interesting reversal of roles that we have been used to, and while there was that inital sense of "eye for an eye" justice to it all it didn't take long for it to feel just as off-putting and wrong.

Abigail, Tally, and Raelle welcome a visiting group of male witches on Motherland: Fort Salem, courtesy of Freeform
Abigail, Tally, and Raelle welcome a visiting group of male witches on Motherland: Fort Salem, courtesy of Freeform

As uncomfortable as I felt at times, it was still fun to see as it is a good concept to explore. As always, Abigail (Ashley Nicole Williams) has no shame and major crystal balls. As much as I may not always like her, I love the attitude. She is so unapologetically assertive and now sexual; it is not often we get to see many female characters like her. Tally (Jessica Sutton) on the other hand, is still shy, but her estrogen levels are making her powers stronger it seems—as it was the whole point of the tradition.

As per Raelle (Taylor Hickson), her new boo Scylla (Amalia Holm) seems to have a past she is still not willing to share. It will become harder now that Scylla's exboyfriend has made Raelle keenly aware and ends up committing suicide at the end of the episode. That was a tough scene and I hope Raelle remembers and questions Scylla about it. On the politics part, General Adler (Lyne Renee) holds a meeting with other witches who seem to be pressing her to stand down from power. She seems reluctant, but in the midst of the meeting, one of the old ladies that is always with her faints and we see General Adler age.

While I imagined it was something of the sort, it still caught me unaware. Even more disturbing by the fact that another young witch is picked right away for her to go full-on Dorian Gray with. It was fast and effective. I wonder what other disturbing gems Motherland: Fort Salem is holding in store for us. So far the world building has been ominous and fun and I cannot wait for us to get more of those disturbing little bits. It seems there might be a chance for them to see what Scylla's ex's saw before dying. If that is the case I hope we get to see more necro witches.

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