"My Hero Academia" Season 4 "Fighting Fate" Shows Evolution in All Might/Deku Dynamic [SPOILER REVIEW]

The fourth episode of this season of My Hero Academia was truly an amazing one – and I will confess that it nearly had me sniffling. It was wonderfully paced, with writing and dialogue handled beautifully throughout. So far, they have done a great job with not over-doing it with exposition, adding in some excellent dialogue and eye-catching animation.

"Fighting Fate" starts right where the last one left off: Deku's first day of work studies patrolling the streets with Lemillion. As it turns out: a little girl bumps against Deku and holds on to him, terrified—behind her, comes Overhaul. This scene had me damn near biting off my lips in suspense. I loved the way they went back and forth between Deku and Lemillion's thoughts, as well as contrasting the ways they would handle the situation. Lemillion was personable, but never letting his guard down. On the other hand, Deku is not able to control his expressions as once Sir Nighteye said to him. It was fun and filled with tension, and I'm curious to see what happens the next time Deku and Eri meet.

However, Deku (and we) sees something Lemillion does not: how Eri is asking Deku for help and to not leave. This causes Deku to become a bit reckless and put everything on the line by suspecting Overhaul of hurting the kid. We later then see Sir Nighteye open Deku's eyes to a harsh reality: sometimes good intent is not enough to save someone. Things take time. We start seeing Deku's inner conflict about All Might, Mirio, Sir Nighteye, and being a hero.

My Hero Academia S4,E3:

After returning back to school, Deku looks for All Might for a long-in-having talk. Deku asks All Might for the truth behind Sir Nighteye's past as his sidekick and what happened to ruin their relationship. He also asks him why he chose Deku over Mirio as a successor. I loved seeing All Might tell Sir Nighteye that he chose Deku and emphasized to him that quirkless people can be deserving of One for All, too.

I loved the animation during these moments and how Deku is now standing next to All Might as a peer-in-training and no longer "just" a mentee. The image of the two together during this scene exemplified how their relationship has evolved. In the first season, we saw Deku kneel in front of All Might – but this time, we see him standing and closer to being an equal.

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My Hero Academia had me tearing up near the end, when All Might and Deku renewed their bond moving forward to the future. It was a wonderful episode, with the preview for next week's episode looking to shift our focus. Kirishima is finally getting his turn to shine for a bit. I am looking forward to seeing more of him as Kirishima is one of my favorite characters.