NXT Recap- Sarray Debuts In NXT & Kyle O'Reilly Returns To The Ring

Hey gang!  So on tap for tonight's NXT show, we've got Dexter Lumis vs LA Knight to settle their conflict from the Gauntlet Eliminator a couple of weeks ago, Kushida issuing an open challenge for his newly won Cruiserweight title, the NXT debut for Japanese star Sarray, and the first appearance of Kyle O'Reilly since his brutal unsanctioned match with Adam Cole at NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver.  Let's see how it all plays out!

NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
The new official logo for NXT, courtesy of WWE.

Kyle O'Reilly Returns

NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
Kyle O'Reilly returns to NXT tonight, courtesy of WWE.

We kick things off tonight with Kyle O'Reilly returning to NXT.  He enters the ring playing air guitar and looking very proud and confident.  He grabs a mic and tells us that he faced the toughest test of his life at Stand & Deliver.  He says he's in a great mood cause he's nowhere near Adam Cole and can be himself again.  He says his work in the ring speaks for him and it's time to move on to what's next for him.  He has found the killer instinct that he needs to succeed and is ready to tackle his goals.  He questions if he should challenge for the NXT North American title or if he should take this new killer instinct and challenge Karrion Kross.

He is then interrupted by Cameron Grimes, who walks to the ring and congratulates him for his victory.  He tells O'Reilly he made a killing betting on him on Draft Kings cause he was the betting underdog.  He then offers him a partnership with him where they can profit off of his look and his success.  He says they can even take him diving onto Cole and turn it into an NFT.

O'Reilly plays along with him and says they can be business associates and that he was cleared to compete today and that his first opponent will be… Cameron Grimes.  O'Reilly decks Grimes and struts around the ring.

We next see earlier today, where NXT Commissioner William Regal welcomes Sarray to the Performance Center.  They are interrupted by Zoey Stark, who says she would love to be Sarray's first NXT opponent tonight, which Sarray accepts.  The two shake hands and exchange gratitude.

Next, we get a backstage promo from LA Knight where he talks shit about Dexter Lumis and promises to take him out tonight.

Dexter Lumis vs LA Knight

NXT Recap -
Dexter Lumis vs LA Knight, courtesy of WWE.

Knight starts with the trash talk right after the bell.  They lock up before the ref separates them.  Lumis then starts punching, before Knight hits him with a running strike.  They exchange offense before Knight starts with the trash talk again and Lumis tosses him out of the ring.

Knight gets to the apron and drops Lumis onto the top rope before hitting him with a vaulting shoulder tackle.  Lumis recovers and again overpowers Knight with strikes.  He tries a running elbow in the corner, but Knight turns it into a neck breaker and tosses Lumis out of the ring.

Knight follows him out and stomps him at ringside.  He tries to bash Lumis's head into the apron, but Lumis reverses.  They roll back into the ring, but Knight has scouted it and works Lumis with some knees on the ropes.  He then stomps on Lumis before setting him up for a slingshot to the bottom rope.

Knight taunts the crowd, but Lumis catches him with a suplex.  Knight reverses and gets a two-count.  He then knees Lumis in the back and locks in a rear-naked choke.  Lumis punches out of it, but Knight catches him with a knee to the midsection and a jumping knee strike to the grounded Lumis.

Knight tries pummeling Lumis in the corner, but Lumis catches him and hits him with a spine buster.  He then starts blasting Knight with shots, before hitting him with a belly-to-back suplex and a slingshot suplex off the top rope.  Lumis tosses him to the outside and follows, but Knight drops him into the crowd barrier and tackles him into the apron.

Lumis rallies and uppercuts Knight, but then he sees Indi Hartwell at the crowd barrier, distracting him.  Knight hits him from behind and throws him in the ring.  Knight yells at Hartwell and mocks her for liking Lumis, while Lumis vaults over the top rope, hitting Knight with a flying forearm.  They get back into the ring, but Lumis is distracted by Hartwell and Knight hits him with a cutter through the ropes for the pinfall.

Winner: LA Knight

After the match, Hartwell approaches Lumis in the ring and tries to kiss him, but The Way shows up and drags her away from Lumis.

Next, we see Leon Ruff backstage cutting a promo where he brags about knocking Isaiah "Swerve" Scott unconscious last week.  He says he wants Swerve again and the ball is in his court.

NXT Recap -
Former champion Io Shirai is interviewed, courtesy of WWE.

We're now set up for a sit-down interview with former NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai and Beth Phoenix.  Shirai says the night she won the title was the biggest night of her life.  They replay the big moments from her loss at Stand & Deliver and she says wrestling is about challenges and Raquel Gonzalez was her biggest challenge.  She says she will have another shot but now needs rest for her body to heal.

They're interrupted by Franky Monet and her dog.  Franky congratulates her on her title reign and she tells her that since she's taking time off, she's willing to take over her spot as the best in the Women's division.  Shirai yells at her in Japanese and tells her she likes cats.

Breezango vs Grizzled Young Veterans

Breezango is dressed like the British royal guards and are doing the walking back and forth routine like them.  This pisses off the British GYV.  They get to the ring and are clotheslined out by Breezango.  The bell rings and Breeze and Gibson start it off, with Gibson pounding on Breeze in the corner.  Gibson goes for a powerbomb, but Breeze hurricanranas him to reverse it.  Fandango tags in and goes after Gibson with chops.  Gibson recovers and hits Fandango with a suplex for two.  He then knees and elbows him before tagging out and Drake is double-teamed by Breezango.

They knock Gibson and Drake outside before Breeze hits them with a baseball slide, followed by Fandango hits them with a flip over the top rope to the outside.

Back from commercial break, everyone is back in the ring and Drake appears to have twisted his knee.  The ref is checking on him, as is Fandango.  Gibson pokes Fandango in the eye while the ref is distracted and Drake springs to life.  The GYV double team Fandango with a top rope move for a two-count.

Fandango tries to tag Breeze, but Gibson catches him.  Fandango catches Gibson with a spinning backhand and both are down.  Drake tags in and Fandango gets the hot tag, taking out both GYV.  He hits a Russian leg sweep on Drake, but the count is broken by Gibson.  They hit Breeze with a Ticket To Mayhem for the pinfall.

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans

Backstage, Indi Hartwell has requested an interview, but as soon as she starts speaking, The Way shows up and shuts it all down.  Bronson Reed comes over and insults them for trying to control everyone.  Reed demands a rematch with Gargano for his NXT North American title, but Theory tells him the only way he's getting a title shot is by beating Theory, which Reed agrees to.

Cameron Grimes is now interviewed backstage, where he brags about purchasing an NBA NFT, but finds out that he was outbid by Ted DiBiase.  Grimes of course freaks out and the fake rich guy rivalry continues.

Sarray vs Zoey Stark

NXT Recap -
Sarray vs Zoey Stark, courtesy of WWE.

They start off testing their strength and Stark overpowers Sarray.  Sarray monkey flips out and gets a two-count.  She then hits Stark with some low dropkicks and then stomps on Stark.  Sarray then locks in a modified Texas Cloverleaf with a bridge, but Stark reaches the ropes.  Stark turns things around and hits a falling clothesline on Sarray for two.  She then hits a suplex on Sarray for another two-count.

Stark plants Sarray into the corner and stomps her down.  She lifts her, but Sarray tries punching out.  Stark hits a snap mare and then stretches Sarray, but Sarray escapes.  She then kicks Stark from the apron.  They get back in the ring and exchange punches.

Sarray finds a second wind and explodes with a series of punches before hitting Stark with a high dropkick, followed by a low one. She then hits Stark with a fisherman suplex with a bridge for two.  Stark rallies with a spin kick, followed by a half chicken wing suplex and a running knee for another two-count.

Stark goes up top and misses the 450 splash and Sarray rolls her up for two.  Stark again hits her with a sidekick for a two-count, then another pin attempt.  She tries a side suplex, but Sarray escapes and hits a heel kick on Stark and then hits her with a Saito suplex for the pinfall.

Winner: Sarray

After the match, they hug and shake hands.  Stark goes to the ramp, where Toni Storm assaults her and throws her hard into the crowd barrier.

NXT Recap -
Toni Storm assaults Zoey Stark after her match, courtesy of WWE.

Next, we get a backstage interview with NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai.  Gonzalez tries to sound tough, but Kai keeps dominating the conversation and saying she was involved with the win.  Gonzalez says to line up any challengers and she'll knock them down.

We now see Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell arguing backstage, where LeRae says they need to go plead their case to Regal that they should be champions.  She confronts NXT Tag Team Champions Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart but realizes Hartwell dipped out and left her there.   She then hits Moon's coffee into her face and tries to run, but the champs grab her and drag her into the locker room.

Now we get a video package recapping Kushida's NXT Cruiserweight title win last week and seeing legends like Regal, Triple H, and Steve Corino all speak highly about him.

NXT Recap -
Kushida, courtesy of WWE.

Kushida now hits the ring with the Cruiserweight title around his waist.  He grabs the mic and says that he won the title last week in an open challenge and that this week, he will give the same opportunity and asks, who wants a title shot?

Oney Lorcan hits the ring to answer the challenge!

Kushida vs Oney Lorcan – NXT Cruiserweight Championship

NXT Recap -
Kushida vs Oney Lorcan for the Cruiserweight title, courtesy of WWE.

They start by grappling and trading holds.  They get to the mat and exchange holds, with Lorcan getting Kushida in a leg choke and Kushida reversing into a half surfboard.  Lorcan then tries grabbing Kushida by the nose, which pisses him off.  Kushida responds by grabbing Lorcan's nose, but Lorcan gets him in a side headlock.  They trade reversals before Kushida locks in a cross-arm breaker, but Lorcan gets the ropes.

They get to their feet and Kushida lights him up with loud kicks, knocking Lorcan out of the ring.

Back from commercial break, Lorcan has Kushida locked in a stretch hold.  Kushida powers out, but Lorcan nails him with an uppercut.  He hits Kushida with a running knee to the midsection for a two-count.  He then locks Kushida in an abdominal stretch, but Kushida punches out of it.  He hits Lorcan with a hard clothesline, followed by a series of chops and kicks in the corner.

Kushida hits a diving knee to Lorcan's elbow on the ropes and tries the armbar, but Lorcan escapes and hits another European uppercut and a blockbuster for two.  He chops Kushida hard in the chest over and over, but Kushida absorbs it all and explodes on Lorcan with a series of strikes before locking in the Hoverboard Lock and Lorcan taps out.

Winner and still NXT Cruiserweight Champion: Kushida

As Kushida celebrates after the match, Legado Del Fantasma jumps him in the ring and triple teams him.  MSK hits the ring for the save and we have a six-man fight.  MSK and Kushida clear the ring and taunt their enemies, who retreat.

NXT Recap -
Mercedes Martinez wants her title shot, courtesy of WWE.

Mercedes Martinez cuts a promo backstage demanding to know why Raquel Gonzalez is scared of her and won't answer her challenge.  She says she's tired of hearing Dakota Kai answer for her, so she says she'll take Kai out so that there will be no one between her and the title.

We now see Johnny Gargano lecturing Austin Theory, demanding to know when he spoke to Regal.  Candice LeRae limps up to them, looking all beat up.  As they ask what happened, Indi Hartwell runs up excited, telling them that she saw Dexter Lumis.  She then says she talked to Regal and that he's giving them a tag team title rematch.

Ever Rise vs Imperium

NXT Recap -
Ever Rise vs Imperium, courtesy of WWE.

Aichner takes it right to Martel and destroys him with running strikes and suplexes.  Martel is able to hit a jawbreaker and tag out, but Parker is immediately hit with a fallaway slam and is hit with a double-running dropkick by Imperium.  Killian Dain makes his way to the ring but is met by Alexander Wolfe.  This distracts Imperium and Parker rolls up Aichner for a two-count.  Aichner gets up and knocks out both opponents.  Drake Maverick now runs to ringside and Dain carries him out of dodge.

In the ring, Imperium hit a European uppercut Doomsday Device for the pinfall.

Winners: Imperium

We now see Kyle O'Reilly making his way to the entrance for his match, but he's met at Gorilla by Karrion Kross and Scarlett.  They stare each other down before O'Reilly walks away.

NXT Recap -
Kyle O'Reilly has gotten the attention of the NXT champ, Karrion Kross, courtesy of WWE.

Kyle O'Reilly vs Cameron Grimes

NXT Recap -
Kyle O'Reilly vs Cameron Grimes, courtesy of WWE.

They lock up and are feeling each other out with wristlocks and ankle holds.  O'Reilly takes over with a hip toss into a headlock.  Grimes reverses into his own hip toss and headlock, but O'Reilly tosses him off and they exchange shoulder blocks.  Grimes now starts with some punches and O'Reilly hits him with a knee to the jaw.  O'Reilly hits him with some kicks, but Grimes responds with chops and an attempted sunset flip, which O'Reilly turns into an armbar, but Grimes gets to the ropes.

O'Reilly gets ahold of Grimes from behind, but Grimes flips out of it and hits him with a German suplex.  Grimes takes O'Reilly outside and throws him into the crowd barrier.  They get back into the ring and Grimes wallops him with punches and kicks before slamming him into the turnbuckle and hard-throwing him into the opposite corner.  He tries a pin but only gets one.

Grimes then tries wrenching O'Reilly's neck with a chin lock and eventually presses his neck with his knee.  O'Reilly fights to his feet but is clotheslined by Grimes for a two-count.  Grimes kicks him into the corner and chokes him with his foot, before throwing him into the opposite corner for a two-count.

Grimes locks in another hard chin lock, but O'Reilly punches out and tosses Grimes into the ropes and knees him in the midsection.  O'Reilly now hits him with a series of knees and strikes, knocking Grimes down.  He then hits Grimes with a forearm splash in the corner and tries to get a heel lock, but Grimes gets to the ropes.

Grimes grabs him and tries a spinning slam, but O'Reilly turns it into a front face hold, bringing Grimes to his knees and O'Reilly hits him with a running kick.  O'Reilly brings him to his feet, but Grimes turns it into a spinning slam for two.

Grimes tries another German suplex, but O'Reilly hangs on, but then Grimes rolls him into a pin attempt for two.  They then exchange blows back and forth, but Grimes hits a float-over slam for another two-count.

They exchange reversals before Grimes hits a superkick and O'Reilly bounces off the ropes to hit a clothesline.  He hits a series of strikes on Grimes followed by a facebuster.  O'Reilly goes to the top rope and hits a diving knee to the back of Grimes for the pinfall.

Winner: Kyle O'Reilly

O'Reilly celebrates in the ring as NXT goes off the air.

Ok show, though a little quiet and it felt like the stars had the night off to recover a bit.  Oh well, there's always next week and we'll see you then.

Till next time friends!

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