NXT WarGames: Triple H Careful Not to Give Pat McAfee Too Much Credit

At the media conference call following NXT Takeover WarGames, Triple H was asked about Pat McAfee's incredible debut, coming into NXT with no experience in wrestling and quickly becoming the company's top heel, headlining the PPV last night for his second-ever match. And while Triple H did put over McAfee for having natural talent and charisma, he was careful not to let anyone think that it's possible to become a pro wrestling star without going through The WWE System (TM).

It's funny, what Pat puts out and what he does and what he says and he does. There are certain people that are just naturals to this. You've seen it over the years, whether it's a Ronda [Rousey], whether it's a Kurt Angle, and somebody like Pat. Now, saying this will take nothing away from Pat because what he has done has been absolutely amazing. But the people that he's been put in with, the people that he's been around, you know, eight guys in WarGames tonight, including Pat, all put their heart and soul into that and made it all happen.

But but that doesn't have to happen, right? The other seven guys that are in there don't have to make that happen for him. And they don't have to allow that to happen. That's that's them being pros and unselfish and making people, and so there's a lot of there's a lot of that to the success. But make no mistake about it, Pat's phenomenal.

Pat McAfee competes at NXT Takeover WarGames
Pat McAfee competes at NXT Takeover WarGames

Triple H said that lots of people come into WWE's developmental system with experience from all over the world, but even those wrestlers have a lot to learn from WWE's wrestling factory.

It's funny because people talk about the system. There are been a lot of people that have come into this that have been turned into superstars that had never stepped in the ring before. And the system works. There are people that have come from other places where they've had incredible success, and you allow them to apply that here, and then you help them take that success to another level. You teach them the stuff that they don't know. And I don't mean that as a knock on anybody, because nobody knows everything. And this business constantly changes and you all grow and learn and move together. And and that's the beauty of this.

What we do, being a WWE superstar, in some ways is an individualized thing, because it's about you and your stardom and your brand and all those things. But it's also a team endeavor, because you cannot you cannot do it without the person across the ring from you or people across the ring from you or people by your side. It takes a lot of people to make a star. It takes a lot of people to get that done.

Although, perhaps not wanting to get a punt kick to the head, Triple H was sure to bring things back to praise for ol' Pat McAfee.

But first and foremost is the person doing it. So, again, my hat's off to Pat. I don't know that I've seen anybody have a beginning two-match run and the microphone skills, the promo skills, the character, the everything. He's a natural at it. We say a lot here in the in the system that one of the hardest things to do in the business is to be yourself. And Pat came in here knowing who he was and how he wanted to be. He just came in here and was just him. He's one of the most amazing people in that his confidence level of walking into something that — he's an outsider, and even though he's loved it his whole life and it's what he's always wanted to do his whole life, and most people don't know that, but that's the truth. When he gets here, he's an outsider. And to be able to still resonate that confidence and be yourself is an unbelievable skill set. And he has it and then some.

So where will Pat McAfee go from here? And will someone in NXT's promo school have the guts to tell him he needs to shave about 30% off his promos which tend to run a little long and start repeating stuff? That remains to be seen.

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